Sustainability of Our Current Agricultural Production

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According to Tilman et al, in five decades time the world’s population will rise above 50% and the demand for grain worldwide will also increase. Thus, the challenges facing the world today in sustaining and increasing the initial level of agricultural production in global food security. It is so great a task to increase the production of food and at the same time sustain worlds food production as the case was 40 years ago. The maintenance and sustenance of agricultural production in a way of not compromising with environmental integrity and public health seems to be a greater challenge.
The Solution for Sustainability of Agriculture
While maximizing the production of food to maintain pace with demand, we should ensure to retain the critical ecological integrity of the production systems. It is especially essential to conserve our water and land resources. The environmental integrity is necessary to preserve the land and water bases to retain the productivity of these natural resources. We can maintain and sustain the integrity of the ecology by applying new technologies that entail farmers combining experience with education (“Food security”, n.d.). Ecologically good resources will ensure sustainability of our current agricultural production.
“Our common future” report (“Food security”, n.d.) predicted that ensuring global food security would take more than raising global food production. Minimizing distortions in the world’s food market structure and shifting the food production focus to food deficit nations, regions and households could be the solution. According to Tilman et al. (2002), there has only been an increase in global food production. We have not applied the predicted solution because it would need government intervention to ensure farmers discipline.

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