Surveillance in the city

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Tracking refers to the process of monitoring a person or activity. It is likewise an ongoing procedure or operation to obtain appropriate information on a particular event. Monitoring in a school setting is of utmost importance as it is important to maintain a high degree of discipline and to minimize theft in education and property cases (Nolan 8). The presence of social stratification and prevailing areas of illegal activity, such as slums, also needs monitoring in city systems. There are several instruments such as the cameras and police personnel that are usually utilized to ensure surveillance remains active. Despite the useful role played by the surveillance instruments in the city, appropriate application of the devices is essential (Besser).

Surveillance in schools according to Kathleen Nolan

The initiation of the zero-tolerance discipline measures has led to the institution of police officers in school settings. The aim of police officer deployment in schools intended to ensuring the students maintain a high level of discipline at all times (Nolan 34). The deployment of the police officers is primarily high at poorly performing yet racially segregated schools in the urban set ups. The incidents that at one point led to the detention in school halls or even resulted in suspension cases are bound to be determined by the police personnel. The severity of the school incidences is required to attract the intervention of the criminal court system to determine the appropriate measures suitable to culprits (Nolan 125). Moreover, confrontations emanating from small infractions are obliged to escalate leading to matters requiring police interventions, and the result can be a court sermon as well as arrests and confinement in the juvenile detention facilities.

Stigmatization according to Rio’s

The existence of social stratification in cities plays a crucial role in the high level of discrimination. As a result, the urban policies aimed at ensuring the poverty-stricken individuals are removed from cities to enhance surveillance. The urban governing body move to unhouse the poor shelter structures increases the number of homeless people (Besser). The poor residing in the city face harsh conditions despite their non-disruptive and violent nature. The police war on drug and substance abuse has led to the detention of the poor youths who at the time of arrest had not committed any form of crime. Moreover, the children from poor neighborhoods face a challenge with regards to seeking employment positions as most employers prefer the individuals from wealthy families. Hence, the situation stigmatizes the people from poor backgrounds (Besser).

Speculation for the cases of Rio and Kathleen Nolan

The initiation of the police as instruments of surveillance in school settings located in poor areas of urban setups has an adverse influence on the confidence and morale of the students. Similarly, the fact that minor cases that in most cases could lead to the detention of a student or a school-initiated punishment resulting in a court intervention and some instances confinement in juvenile facilities are stigmatizing (Nolan 124). The severity upon which the police use their power to harass the students in the poor areas of urban centers prompt the victimized students to feel discriminated and segregated. Moreover, the inadequate housing, as well as homelessness in addition to the cruelty in the police handling the cases, is a recipe for initiating a rift between the high end and the poverty-laden people (Besser). Therefore, the student harassment by the police personnel over minor issues and the unhousing activities plays a significant role in inducing and increasing stigmatization level among the students.

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