Summary of theory

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The theory focuses on the growth of the infant, which gives speculation on the aims of the child.
Intriguing, growth of infants, needs in hierarchy, high experiences
Evidence of what a child does as it grows, for instance (fishing)
Comportement is the response of a person to the group
The action of a person is always rewarding
People are also of a different type as they evolve and identify with a specific community in society.
Comportement, strengthening, self-efficacy, shared relationships
In certain situations, the view of paying attention to a single activity is visible to the public. Cognitive
An individual’s behavior will often attract rewards

People will often have a different character as they grow and associate with a given group in society

Behavior, reinforcement, self-efficacy, reciprocal, and relationships

In some instances, publics are noticed with the aspect of paying much attention to a particular activity.




An individual will often develop skills based on the level of interaction that is being carried out.

Additionally, the concept of development is a process of learning that with children making discoveries

An individual’s development is based on the capability to adapt of various instances of life

Development, assimilation, findings, communication, and empiricism

A young child is touching on a candle and realizes the heat generated from the light.

The use of particular equipment to perform an assigned act (using a remote to view a movie).

Biological Ecological Approaches



Various ways are often used to classify what an individual can perform in society.

Classifications, physical changes, adaptations, behavioral changes

Development of a deep voice among adolescents

Some children start requesting for additional levels of privacy from parents or guardians when they grow

Some people display desires for particular tastes in society

Dynamic Systems



Every individual will always experience a change in their body systems that then creates a change in the ways that they execute certain activities in society

Human behavior, mutual interactions,

Demonstrating levels of stability




Their instincts often lead to conclusions

Instincts, development, and change

Some people display sexual desires

Your Ideal Theory

Attachment theory by John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth


Newborn babies are wired with feelings and often ready to learn things

Education, feelings, zone of proximal development

Babies always have a change in the sleeping cycle by 2-7 months of their lives (Berk, 2017).


Berk, L. E. (2017). Development Through the Lifespan. New York: Pearson Education.

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