Study report On Cultural Concern in Education Online

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The planet has been transformed by technology into a global village where all is almost within reach. Worldwide, the education sector is not left behind in this growth. For pupils, technology has made it possible to take some of their classes online and connect well with their instructors. Since the advent of internet media, online education has risen to a higher proportion. There is a growing fear, though, about the reduction in cultural exchange and students do not have the chance to study other cultures. Cross-cultural experiences have been minimized by online education. Higher education has been the venue or ability used for individuals to participate in different events contributing to cultural exchanges. The research question this paper will try to answer is; should the cultural exchange be a major concern in online education?

Total of one hundred participants were recruited to participate in this research. Out of these, 78% responded by saying that cultural exchange is a major concern and it is being ruined by online studies because some students don’t get a chance to interact with the rest of their colleagues from the rest of the world. The analysis also showed that there would be social and cultural effect in future if the growth of online studies continues at the current rate of 12% annual increase in the enrolment rate. Several studies have also found that there is a concern for the future of the next generation as far as cross-cultural activities are concerned. However, some studies also suggest that there should cultural courses should be made compulsory for online students as a way of ensuring that this type of education does not limit them from knowing more about the culture of others who are different from them. But there are other studies that have shown that online studies do not ruin cross-cultural activities because people still have to meet and studies alone are not the only opportunity in life for such interaction.


Qualitative and quantitative study methods were used to design this study.


Sampling was done randomly to a group of students who take their causes online. A total of two hundred students were sampled. The sampling method was first to request students from various areas and cities to converge at a common center before they were randomly selected.

Out of these, one hundred were random (Cargill and O’Connor, 2013). There were one hundred papers with numbers one to one hundred and similar ones, also one thousand that were blank. The students, gathered in a hall were to pick these papers randomly, and those who picked the ones with numbers were selected to participate in the study. To avoid biases, students were collected from various regions before being recruited randomly to the study.

The study measures in this study were the research questions on the future of cross-cultural activities in higher education given the era of the globalization and online education.

Questionnaires were both open-ended questions structured ones. The qualitative part of the research intended to capture the opinion of these students concerning online education and cross-cultural activities (Creswell, 2013). This was not restricting them on any question but purely their opinion. The quantitative part had questions that respondent was to answer and this is structured with mostly a yes or as the answers.


Cargill, M., & O’Connor, P. (2013). Writing scientific research articles: strategy and steps. John Wiley & Sons.

Creswell, J. W. (2013). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Sage publications.

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