Study of the Brain

The article is written of David Eagleman which he talks about the study of the brain and its relation to our behaviors. David try to supply actual events to illustrate some crimes are committed due to a intelligence disease. David starts by narrating how in the year 1966 Charles Whitman went to college of Texas and made a mass murder. Charles Whitman shot each person who was on sight to death. Before heading to the college and murdering people, he had massacred his family. Charles Whitman scenario was all over the headlines because of his biography. Charles used to be a very intelligent man, and he had an incredible career. He had served in the marine and had worked as a bank teller. With such a resume people were surprised and wondered why he turned to be killer. In his suicide note, he suggested during his autopsy his brain to be checked if it had been damaged that why he turned to be a ruthless killer. Surprisingly when he was operated, he was found with a huge tumor in his head which is glioblastoma. The tumor causes people to be aggressive and have no fear particularly when provoked. Charles case is not uncommon when people commit crime, but the brain damage is to blame.

Another case was a man who had normal sexual behaviors but started to change. We will call him Alex started watching a lot of porn, sexually harassing women until he was arrested for child molestation. He was taken to a rehabilitation center because he was willing to change but continued harassing female employees in the rehabilitation center. While he was taken to prison, he complained about severe headaches which he was diagnosed with a tumor too. He was operated, and he stopped the behavior of sexual desires.

In both cases, the perpetrator’s proved to us that a brain disease was due to their erratic behavior. A disease like frontotempolral dementia can cause victims to have unusual desires like stealing and gambling. When patients are given drugs like pramipexole to cure a disease like parkiinsons, it changes their minds to do abnormal things. Patients will be addicted to things like food, gambling, and drugs. Although patients can get to normal when they reduce the dosage.

The lesson we learn from the above cases is that our brain diseases which sometimes go undiagnosed can lead to change of our behavior to the worst. The cases justify some criminal’s commit wrong doing because of brain tumors, not on their own doing. Although there is a lot to be considered by the law before they acquit the criminals by their mental illness. The law before convicting mental ill people should consider several things. Many of us should not just think that our choices has none influences over them. For example, if your parents have genes of doing crime there is a high probability of someone doing the same wrongs. Most instances we are not in control of what we do. Even our environment influences how we treat people and do things. A positive environment we make children to grow well-mannered children.

The government assumes that its citizens know what they are doing because they have the conscience. What everyone should understand is that some actions are not controlled by human beings. In situations like Tourette’s victims they can slap someone, hit something or screaming, and it’s not what they want to do. Also acts done while unconscious is not for the victim to decide which action they will undertake. A man who we will name Kenneth sleepwalked from his house and drove unconsciously and killed his in-laws. He later went to the police station to confess his crime. After he woke up, he could not remember anything, but people in court claimed he was faking loss of memory to receive sympathy. The jury was so lenient and acquitted him because he did not kill on his own accord. That scenario shows that someone does not have to do anything on his free will.

Brains have been studied by doctors showing that there is a contrast between mind problems and brain problems. The more the brains have been studied it shows that humans should not be blamed for having no motivation and having little discipline. The reasoning is because the result of such behavior is due to the brain formation. Criminal brains should be studied that the court to know if them doing the crimes is as a result of a brain disorder. Technology should be used for such researches to prevent people being jailed while the crimes they committed was beyond their mind control. The jury should investigate a criminal brain situation with the help of experts to know if they have any disorder. In our modern day, rulings are a results of the crimes and not reasoned why people committed them. People should change the perspective and approach criminal cases different.

When sciences know why people committed some crimes, it will be better for the society to know the cause. When the cause of the erratic behavior is known at least, we will be able to control the behavior at a young age. Courts seem to be adopting the above sentiment by giving lenient sentences to criminals with brain disorders. Courts are using recurrent cases like on what made sex offenders to molest children to decide on the length of the case and which type of rehabilitation is suitable for them. Courts should not take every criminal with mental problem to the prison, but those with such a problem should be taken to mental clinics. With taking criminals to rehabilitation with brain problems will reduce the number of people in prison, and such actions will reduce will also help us in learning the causes of their behavior.

David Eagleman is trying to reach out to judges, jury, lawyers and the general public. The writer goes in depth and gives case studies to emphasize why our behaviors are not free willed. He further argues that before anybody is convicted, they should be checked their mental status. The writer’s purpose is to enlighten people that not all criminals are in control of why they committed their crimes. The writer gives clear examples to show the possibilities he is discussing. The writer gives us actual scenarios where by a criminal due to brain disorder committed a crime. He further discusses the benefit of why criminals with disorders should be given lenient sentences.

The above article enlightens me that the court system should change their system regarding how they come up with sentences. A criminal should be diagnosed so that his behavior change can be examined. I agree with the writer because a lot of people in prison could be rescued and be in hosipitals being treated for mental cases. The topic should be changed to the writers argument so that the courts br fair.

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