Students for a Democratic Society and for Equality for Young Americas in the 1960s

Students for a Democratic Society and for Equality for Young Americas
It is well seen, according to an analysis by Sabel, that it was the latter in 1960, when American politics was very aggressive. This is because there has been a dramatic surge in protests against the Vietnam War. He continues to argue that, because they felt it was fair, the students began to protest on the street. Sabel (2011) states in his thesis that in the month of May 1970, because of the difficult protest by students, the National Guardsmen happened to kill four of them. He then went on to state that another bomb at the University of Wisconsin detonated and killed one person gave the path and drew attention to the college students against these bad deeds. Therefore two groups were formed to respond to these acts which included the Young American for Freedom by William F.Buckley which by 1966 had 28,000 members and Students for Democratic Society which had 20,000 members. They key issue of these groups was to bring harmony and bring freedom to the nation.
Still, on Sabel it is well said that most of the Young American for Freedom came from a low-middle and working class. This situation implies that they were proud of their country and were still putting more effort in their work. It is also seen that it was in the 1960s when the norms and behaviors that were held for a long seem to be terminating. Many men and women from colleges became politically convinced and driven a lot of force towards behind the civil rights and the antiwar movements. In addition to this about the counterculture, it is well seen that many youths separated themselves from some cultures on the way they looked and their way of living. The perspective of some things like sexuality started to untighten, and women started to protest against former roles of housewife and mother as it was assigned to them by the society.
According to Sabel about the Young Americans for random was to ensure that the political freedom could not interfere with the economic freedom of the people. Through this we find the group struggling a great deal so as to ensure that there is equality to all in the economy. It also has to ensure that there no harassment in the market concerning demand and the supply in any given economy. It is also explained that the United States should increase on the victory but not remaining with the threat which is a degrading factor.
The trend of every country is very important at any given time. This condition helps us to know whether it is deteriorating or improving for well living of the people. For example, from “The Port Huron Statement” (1962), it is well explained that as the youths grew up, the United States was a wealthy and a strong country. This situation happened to change with time especially in those earlier days resulted from a bomb which leads to disruption and destroyed the stability of the country. This situation also deprived the comfortably of the people, and that is why we find the Students for Democratic Society striving hard to return the country back to its position.
Braunstein, Peter& Michael William in their study, argue that 60 years after the second world II, the United States had built a great second class which was later destroyed. They also add that during the time in the immediate postwar, the American’s rapid growth favored both the middle and the lower classes of the people. During their study, Braunstein, Peter& Michael continue to explain that in the year 1970, the problem of the oil and awful inflation came to be terminated. Through this, the competition and technology of the United States and other countries came to rise. This act was very helpful especially to the individual who invested. As a result, the growth of the United States returned.
A social movement is a condition whereby individuals or organizations are grouped so as to ensure that they focus the same political and social issues. From the study by Braunstein, Peter& Michael it is seen that thing has changed over the period. For example he has given so many examples in his study such as the formal organization of women in the year 1848.In 1920, Braunstein, Peter& Michael William studies suggest that women got the right to vote. On the side of the women still study proves that during the census that was conducted in the year 2010, the number of women that had degrees from various colleges was more compared to the number of men. This situation is a great improvement showing that from the social aspect of life women has been granted a chance which shows equality to everyone.
Braunstein, Peter& Michael William study continues to explain that, between the years 1851- 1933 there was a temperance movement and whose mission was to prohibit alcohol consumption. Also, they argues that in 1954, the Supreme Court decide that division of people was unconstitutional that is the black and white skin people. This situation, as a result, enhanced the struggle for racial equality. Therefore, through this, there were to be equal rights for the Africa-American as a way of terminating segregation among the people. Also in the 1930s, the labor movement was enacted whose mission was to ensure that there is fairness in the workplaces and there was to be practices and protection for all the people.

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