Student Success Discussion

I accept as true with the most valuable question to ask in this case is what is students’ success as par the cultural ideas of success? This question needs to be answered in accordance to the institution, stakeholders and focusing on the student. It is additionally crucial to ask: what are the measures of the students’ success? The answer to these questions will provide a background of what is expected from the students.
With the heritage and definition of students’ success, I think it is important that we ask; how are the success sorts or levels categorized? And what will drive the college students to want to be successive as par the definition of success in the institution? This is crucial because the student to want to be successive as defined by the institution, there should be some driving power or motivation.

It is also important for us to know; do all student succeed? If not, what percentage of the students succeed? In addition, it will be of assistance if we know; which class/race or gender is more successive and which is not. This will require some analysis.

I will also ask; what is the relationship between the students’ success and the cultural concepts of success? Also, does the definition of success hinder the students from succeeding in any way? The overall subject is; do the cultural concepts of the institution about success promote students’ success or not?

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