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Different tools in different organizations are used to assist workers in different job tasks. Availing the tools available helps to solve employee burn-out problems since lack of adequate work-related equipment makes it difficult for workers to achieve a job that could be easily accomplished by using a certain resource, thereby avoiding tension on the worker that leads to burn-out for employees (Close, 2017).
Times of Break
Every individual is vulnerable to fatigue after performing a variety of activities, particularly in organizations. In this regard, there is a need for break times to rejuvenate and recharge themselves (Close, 2017). Constant working without breaks leads to exhaustion and burnout leading to low productivity. The breaks periods to prevent employee burnout may involve coffee breaks or walks around the organization among others.

Proper Allocation of Tasks

To prevent employee burnout, the managers need to take a keen interest while assigning jobs to the workers (Close, 2017). Employees work best and without hindrance or difficulty when the assignments match their abilities. Placing engineers to work in sales will be tedious and lead to employee burnout since they are not conversant with the tasks.

Addressing Employee Resistance to Change

Communication about Change

It is crucial to communicate to the employees about the changes which will take place through a meeting. Here, several things will be identified such as their feelings towards the change, how many of them are against and how many individuals support the change (Sinha, 2014). During the meeting, there is the need to explain to the employees the reason for establishing the change and the benefits associated with the change. Communication about the change going to happen helps reduce the resistance or sabotage to the change since they will realize the change is inevitable.

Open Door Policy

Open door policy helps reduce resistance to organization chance as the uncomfortable employee will share their opinion with the manager through face to face discussions. This helps the manager identify the issue and seek ways to help the employees deal with the change as an individual and reduce resistance (Sinha, 2014). When open door policy is not established the employees will not know how deal with changes and this may negatively affect them and the organization as a whole due to resistance.


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