Stopping Student Loans in College

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The expense of having college education in this dispensation is constantly scaling higher. This cost has caused an equivalent dependence and a skyrocket in the value of students’ loan concomitant to a forthcoming bubble. Swidey has examined the extreme reality in debts distinct from students’ loans. The author states the hurtful reality of the stressful expense of college education students experience, and an extended reality in the assertion is that the majority are unable to graduate because of lack of funds. The expense of education, now about an average of $44,000 are on the high side for students. The majority of these students delve into petty jobs to survive. Subsequently, the average debts have rocketed to a value of about $30,000 (Curan, 2016). This article opines that the more expensive schools are not worth attending. Most students attend these schools due to the loans and grants promised, and end up in debts that haunt them for a lifetime.
Considering the cost of the education and the resultant loans when one decides to borrow for education, I would urge my peers to reconsider private institutions. For most low-income earners, attending private colleges and eventually amassing such debts is not necessary. A feasible policy would be _x0093_Avoid it if you cannot afford it_x0094_. Such a policy would discourage low-income earners from attending colleges they cannot afford. As a policy analyst in the country, I would suggest that loan-granting institutions have some capped amounts, above which students should not be allowed to take loans. Such loans should be based on affordability to pay, and the students are fully informed of the financial status they immerse themselves in before being granted loans. A good three-point plan would start by the students inquiring of the eventual loan amount, the institutions inform the students of the exact expected financial burden, and the student is left to make a decision on the loan.
Student 1
Your approach to the issue is interesting and insightful. I concur with the fact that colleges are now more business oriented, and thus, there is great infiltration with international students. Using the term _x0091_outsourced_x0092_ to explain many Chinese students in colleges brings out the seriousness in the issue. In expensive schools, the fact that employers really do not care of the college one attends, but rather the GPA makes a lot of sense. Lastly, I agree with the solutions you propose from a policy analyst perspective. More accreditation in high schools coupled with serious laws on for profit organizations suffices especially or those who cannot afford the exorbitant expenses. Overall, your paper is very informative.
Student 2
I agree with you that the article is realistically disheartening. I could also identify much with the situations of the students mentioned in the article. The manner you express the seriousness of high costs of education from a personal perspective is insightful. The three point plan noted from the perspective of a policy analyst can also be used to substantiate high costs for students with a bit of reality. People need to know what they are getting into before immersing themselves in debts. The examples given, such as CCCCO and CTE programs are very informative as well.
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Swidey, N. (2017). The college debt crisis is even worse than you think. The Boston Globe. Retrieved on April 06, 2017 from dreams-debt/fR60cKakwUlGok0jTlONTN/story.html

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