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California State University is a public organization with 23 campuses enrolling over 400,000 students and 23,012 university staff. It is among the greatest universities in the United States which offers community college gadget as well as the university system with the headquarters of the group being located at 401 Golden Shore. Arizona state university (ASU) is a public lookup institution with 5 campuses being located in Phoenix municipal area in addition to regional facilities across Arizona. It is ranked the top innovative organization in U.S for three successive years with an 83% enrollment of the applicants. According to the board of regent, ASU is defined as comprehensive research institution based on the included population in order to achieve success, realize the value of the public as well as advancing research technologies.

California state university is relatively cheaper as compared to ASU since it charges 6,311 dollars as compared to 10,158 dollars in Arizona state institution. However, the accommodation rates in CSU are higher as compared to ASU thus making the cost almost the same. This is as a result of the large facilities in ASU which allows a higher enrollment rate as compared to CSU. At California state university, students from other states access education at higher rates as compared to ASU. This is due to the fact that ASU offers better financial aid to the enrolled freshmen thus being in a position to cater for their learning requirements. In terms of graduation rates, ASU guarantees better chances as compared to CSU since in Arizona, for the last six years, the rate has been at 59% compared to CSU which stands at 49%. In addition, ASU students tend to earn more after graduation as compared to CSU since the middle salary of ASU graduate is around $46,000 while CSU graduates get $43,000. In terms of reaching out to students comprehensively, ASU offers a better chance since the class size is relatively smaller with the student-teacher ratio being 23: 1 while CSU has a ratio of 25: 1 students(Secrest 37).

University house in Arizona state university is a top housing structure located adjacent to the institution which offers spacious and stunning views, as well as a, compete lifestyle facilities such as swimming pools and other recreation facilities. It has indoor and outdoor areas of study in addition to conferences rooms and business centers thus it can allow students relatives to pay visits any time they desire. Apartments in ASU go at a cheaper price as compared to CSU which can be attributed to the lifestyle in both areas. In Arizona, the environmental conditions are favorable unlike in California where there are extremely high temperatures(Keegan 42). Therefore, while looking for housing in California, it is most likely to secure a room which when compared to Arizona University, it would be close to an apartments cost.

California state university has made every effort to ensure students’ cost of living is at acceptable levels through ensuring a common system in tuition payments for both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Every campus of the institution has a compulsory fee for students which vary from one campus to another. Nonresident students are entitled to an accommodation fee which is currently at $396 for a whole semester or $264 for a quarter semesters(Jack 66). In some cases, the nonresidents’ students may luckily land on waiver programs thus being fully catered for. The living cost in the institution is determined by the standard budget which offers allowances for various expenses in addition to statewide data survey on average expenditure in local and regional campuses. The cost of college education in Arizona state university varies from student to another which influences the living arrangements or the residential area. Students’ worksheet budget helps in the formulation of an annual budget thus ensuring that the cost of basic needs such as food is well catered for. The institution is more affordable to students since there are various ways of assisting a student to foot their bills through financial aid from the institution.

ASU is relatively easier to join as compared to CSU since the institution is mainly focused on research. The institution is considered the highest research designation especially for higher education being ranked 24th top public exploring center based on innovations, a higher number of accorded patents, research outputs and development. The institution is able to keep up with the population growth through the building of more facilities. However the university is currently undergoing challenges in meeting the demand for lecture halls, student recreation facilities, athletic grounds and residential halls thus sourcing funds from donors and private investment entities. Admission in the institution is based on a performance which is relatively low with a minimum GPA of 3.0 being required for core competencies. This has enabled a high enrollment of freshmen applicants which is more selective according to world reports. All the first year students are required to reside in the institution thus limiting the students who opt to stay in residential apartments until the second year of study. The institution also enrolls 14.2% international students which represent 10,249 students annually with the number increasing as time goes by(Gerth 34).

For students willing to relocate to ASU from CSU, it takes at least 9 hours thus facilitating the will of those intending to be far from home. This gives the students an ample study environment which allows a student to study an at the same time giving an opportunity to the relative for visiting any time they wish so long as the student is not studying. The institution also offers a race track program with the spring placement of 2017 giving the students who completed the study chances to venture in the career at recognized companies(McClory 19). For instance, some students have been recruited in racecourse programs, financial analyst, and communication analysts among other ventures.

Therefore, there are several advantages of enrolling in ASU especially if the student is not affected by the environmental conditions since the institution offers a wide range of research programs which allow the student to fully exploit their potential in learning. The university also produces highly accepted students in the job market thus enabling them to earn better than those from CSU due to the high ranking standards that are internationally accepted. The university has a wide range of resources which makes it sustainable in offering services. For instance, there are six wind turbines in the institution which offer power supply that can be used by approximately 40 computers(Held 74). It is also the first to offer sustainability studies that offer minor and major certificates in the sustainability field. ASU highly encourages recycling to reduce solid waste as well as environmental conservation.

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