State Government – Parties to politics

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Despite various concerns that they might split the nation, political parties in America came into being in the 1800s. Two parties were created, the Federalist and the Democratic-Republican Party, and both had contrasting philosophies. Wealthy planters, craft men, and farmers were the bulk of those who joined the democratic Republican Party. The presence of a powerful government, loose legislative reading, emphasis on development, and the imposition of beneficial protective tariffs were generally preferred (First American Political Parties Review. 2017). On the other side, the traders and the southern planters were part of the Federalist Party. They emphasized the presence of a strong state government, strict constitutional adherence, opposed the imposition of protective tariffs, emphasized agriculture and that leadership be open to all types of people
It is evident that political parties are hurting the American politics. Americans have come to treat political parties as if they are sport teams, rooting for them without regarding the ideologies that they present (Are political parties destroying politics?. 2017). Politicians will try to shut down any bills that the opposing side present without even taking due diligence to analyze its merits. On the other hand the voters have become ignorant and they believe what they see in the news without critically analyzing the political state of the country. It is evident that the politicians want an informed voter base since they will implement anything they want. George Washington was strongly against it as he felt that such a system will not allow the government to operate efficiently. Political parties are now more focused on destroying each other and therefore it slows down the speed by which bills ought to be passed

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