Stage Anxiety managing

According to Bill Allin's voice, fear is a dominant source of light in a person, not our vulnerability. Since we were made by God's glory, fear should not be used to derail the glory aspect; rather, glory should be used to transcend personal inferiority. Fear, according to Bill, serves as a pillar of courage in that we use fear to enlighten others. In this situation, fear acts as a source of enlightenment for other members of society from a person who is prosperous as a result of overcoming fear. Most often, fear is equally a powerful tool which acts as a source of role models to the rest of society members. Those people who liberated themselves from the bondage of fear serve as role models to those who still lurk in the murky waters of fear. Suppression of fear helps us instill confidence and hope in others, who are more determined to overcome the same fear and be productive and active members of the society.

On the international arena, fear acts as a source of superiority especially among the powerful nations such as the United States. Most foreigners fear the weaponry and economic supremacy of such countries, which may cause more destruction. Since such nations are respected and feared, some factions of non-Americans may feel compelled to use such fears and insecurities to carry out terrorist activities in the pretext that they may be attacked any time by those powerful countries. In this case, fear would have created a security dilemma whereby the protective activities of one nation are seen as a threat to the security of others.

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