Spanking Children in School: A structural Perspective

Over the past few years, many shifts have occurred in teachers’ perceptions towards the topic of spanking children or using other types of physical discipline. At present, very few educators will agree that regular use of force is a requirement when dealing with student disciplinary issues. The use of physical punishment is prohibited in a variety of schools in many countries, and there are campaigns in particular areas to ban all types of corporal punishment on children in every area, including their homes. As such, when the principal at Furr High School takes a bat and hits the children because they are out of uniform, the issue calls for critical analysis. Some teachers still consider the application of physical punishment in handling given misbehaviors among students. This critical analysis essay evaluates the acceptability of given physical punishments and determines the way teachers can know their exact limits.

Finding the reasons of allowing some forms of physical punishments is easy. One reason is that some teachers find it challenging to completely abandon the use of physical punishment. Some hold the argument that they were brought up in a similar manner and there is no harm that befell them. They therefore believe that for the sake of the students, they should discipline them in any way they want, even if it is the use of corporal punishment. Another reason is that physical punishment can be fast and effective compared to other possible forms of punishments. It is however arguable that through the training they underwent, a number of teachers are fair and reasonable, and would thus rarely consider hurting the students by the use of unnecessary physical force.

There are however number of reasons why the use of physical punishment should be avoided at all costs. First, teachers do not receive any training regarding the use of physical force on misbehaving students. Moreover, the lack adequate resources and choices necessary for handling the situation. As such, they instantly react by smacking the student even in the case that better solutions to the problem exist. It is also important to note that in case people are not forced or challenged into altering their beliefs, they are likely to keep following their negative habits. The use of the seatbelt provides a perfect example to this argument. Currently people are fond of wearing seatbelts without giving it any second thoughts, yet the idea was strange to people some years ago. Similarly, banning physical punishments in schools is expected to influence people into altering their habits and breaking the cycle of violence. However, the most evident reason for banning any forms of physical punishment among the children is the prevention of child abuse. In case all teachers are permitted to hit the students as a way of disciplining them, some are expected to go beyond the boundaries, thus inflicting severe physical and emotional damage on these children. Whether this may just be a small minority of the teachers or a number of them do not matter. The argument is that the protection of the children is a necessity.

In conclusion, teachers have to alter some of their ideas and beliefs regarding how they handle disciplinary issues. There is a possibility of avoiding the application of force at school and even in homes, and the action will help in the achievement of the dream of eliminating violence from the society.

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