Society’s Responsibility to Animal Rights

Humans’ dependency on animals for survival is undeniable on a global scale. Animals, in my opinion, play an important part in human life. I am pleased to bolster my case by mentioning that animals provide food for humans, as well as products such as fur, silk, and other valuable tools. Aside from that, animals like donkeys and camels are used to transport goods and services. I appear to accept that it is human duty to care for animals in order to achieve long-term development. The bond between humans and animals must be preserved by responsible actions. The concern for man’s responsibility towards animal’s right led to evolution of animal welfare and rights that advocates for humane treatment of animals.

According to my understanding, the movement of animal’s led to the emergence of animal’s welfare and rights. Strand (2004) did not support the use of animals whether humane or inhumane by arguing that animals have rights just like animals. The movement of animals in the United States of America has gained more popularity and according to Gallup, animals should be given equal treatment with human beings. Similarly, Riffkin, 2015) asserted that animals must have equal rights with human beings and man is responsible for taking care of animals by allowing animals to live freely in the environment without any interference. I agree with the notion and supports integration of animals and human beings by respecting animal’s rights and taking the responsibility.

To my understanding, the idea of animal’s being taken care by human beings evolved over thousands of years. I can trace the relationship back during the Neolithic era when domestication of animals began. I support the prevailing notion that if one takes care of animals; the animals will take care of them as well as argued by (Strand, 2004). My own opinion on the advancement of modern technology through research and development has a negative impact on animals especially when animals are used in the laboratory for scientific research. Consequently, I oppose the idea of restraining animals which hinders their productivity. I do not support the restraining of animals in a constrained environment which affects their well beings.

To my understanding, the relationship between animals and human beings should not only be a consideration of physical well-being but mental well-being as well. I support Lubinski (2004) argument that animals can survive independently without human beings and have separate interest from man. I feel and support the five freedoms of animals and well-fare that guides the relationship between man and animal namely;

Freedom from extreme hunger and thirst

Freedom from any discomfort

Pain and injury freedom

Freedom of expressing normal behavior

Freedom from any fear and distress

According to Stoop (2015), the five freedoms can only be attained and fully upheld if human beings were to stop eating meat and keeping animals as pets. The perspective has received massive opposition from the public especially considering that about 90 percent of human beings consume meat in one form or the other (Loughnan, Bastian, & Haslam, 2014). The dilemma, in this case, is between the rights of the animals and the needs of the society. However, what many fail to keep in mind is that the animals we eat are the ones that are mistreated the most. This can be explored by looking at the issue from a psychological perspective. Individuals who enjoy eating meat enjoy the meal and do not see the moral effect. The perception of animals as different from people contributes to the misconception of mistreating animals.

To my opinion, the advancement of technology in agricultural sector should advocate for animal rights in the society. In the United States over a billion animals are reared purposely for food. I agree with the thoughts of (Bockman, et al, 2013) which assert that animals reared in factories are extremely exposed to lots of suffering and mistreated. The assertion was related to layers raised in battery cages which are restricted from movement and denied opportunity to live freely in the environment. I am very sure and agree to the fact that animals raised at home or regarded as “cute” and kept as pets are treated with a lot of humane compared to those that are kept for economic purpose.

Responsibility of human beings towards animals by respecting the rights of faunas can be exerted variously. To begin with, I as a voter can influence only be influenced by political leaders who are more concerned with animal rights and related issues. This could be the starting point of integrating values associated with animal rights into public policies and laws. However, the institutional changes are only possible by change of attitude. Positive attitude play vital role in the implementation of change. Human beings should change their attitude towards animals and treat them with dignity and respect. Animal rights should be respected just like human rights. As an individual and a person of dignity as well as a consumer, I have an obligation to influence and control the demand and supply chain in the market. Reduction in demand for animal’s products reduces the dangers of killing animals and propels animal movements.

Retailers also play a significant role, in this case since they can influence animal treatment in industrial farms using the strength of the bargaining power. Interest groups, however, remain as the most formidable advocate of animal rights in the human society. In the United States of America, the rights of animals are advocated by animal rights groups such as PETA, National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) and ASPCA. Animal movement groups advocating for animal rights should influence the public and change their attitude towards animals as argued by (Stoop, 2015).

I feel like fair treatment for animals is a responsibility of all human rights as the dependency on animals by human beings increases greatly and the manner in which animals are treated is imperative. I will be wrong to ascertain my opinion that mistreatment of animals would stop once. It is a process just as I had elaborated before and it starts from change of attitude and behavior. The main goal and objective of animal rights activism is ensuring public do no exploit and mistreat animals. The process of enacting the laws, policies and ensuring animal rights are respected starts from taking responsibility as an individual. The society should be educated and people’s mindset should be changed through behavioral transformation and public education. Besides, people should also fight for animal rights through protest, demonstration, civil disobedience and advertisement as argued by (Stoop, 2015). By doing all these, I tend to agree that human society will be more responsive towards the rights of animals.


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