Societal factors as an essential part in the out turns of the behavior

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A variety of societal factors influences individual human behavior. Our immediate society teaches us the majority of our norms, beliefs, and history. As a result, our behavior and reactions to such circumstances are influenced by social tendencies (Ksir et al. 11-34). Following a thorough examination of the cases of a young man in his twenties who came from a minority family, lived in a poor neighborhood, and made a living from robbery before being apprehended. It is important to note that the case demonstrates that the adverse social environments to which people are subjected end up becoming a significant part of their lives and personalities. There are also tendencies for a life of crime and deviance to be a primary feature of a minority and poor neighborhood since such communities are characterized by an increased quest survival hence the frequent occurrence of deviant and criminal acts.

My above position regarding the behavior of the young man in the case study is based on the proposition of two deviance and social control theories. First, the differential association theory points out the environment is plays a significant role in the development of the behavioral pattern of an individual. Hence the prevalence societal situation forms a major component of a person’s character, (Stark, et al., 55). The social disorganization theory also points out that the most of the choices made by individuals are based on the primary features of their environment, (Stark, et al., 55). Therefore there are higher tendencies of crimes and criminal behaviors to be associated with people who live in an environment characterized by unfavorable economic conditions; this is in a bid to earn a living.

There is a need conclude by stating that the criminal decision made by the young man in our case study was based on the essential features of his environment.

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