Social Psychology Activity

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Question One Question
I found positive aspects rather than negative ones, according to the above documents. This is significantly due to the fact that, relative to the negative characteristics I displayed during the day, some of the virtues I subscribed to are enormous.
Question Two Question
In an individual’s existence, the dominant external problems will determine the display of both negative and positive thoughts. In the current society, people face different adverse stimuli that elicit negative thoughts against others. For instance, the prevailing economic situations prevent cases of generosity. There are cases when people would want to be generous, but because of the financial circumstances, meanness is used to ensure that everyone has enough for themselves.
Question Three
Considerably, I was not surprised with what I saw in other people. In most cases, my judgment towards others was guided by observing some of their characters. It is important to note that in most cases decisions that people make about others are guided by the conduct of those people. However, in some cases, there could be situations of prejudice but even in such a context there must some reason for the said bias. For instance, when you see meanness in an individual, there is a certain element that is connected with that particular trait. Therefore, what one sees in others cannot be surprising.
Question Four
What I discovered about myself was rather astonishing because in some cases these activities happen spontaneously. For predetermined actions, I was not surprised, but spontaneous actions that I took were either disappointing or incredibly unbelievable.

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