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Social conflicts are triggered by people’s contact. Among others, they include domestic violence, crime and corruption. These social problems started when people were social and saw a need to communicate. The man started to encounter social problems during his conquest to live and fend for himself. Diverse methods, like sociological approach, can solve these problems. A sociological approach is one in which psychologists aim to find solutions and use culture as a deciding factor. There is three main sociological approaches which may be put to use; these are the conflict theory , the functionalist theory, and the symbolic interactionist theory (Treviño, & McCormack, 2016). The functionalist theory depends on the relationship between various parts and people of the society. The conflict theory bases its dispute on the competition for the few available resources and how the elite members of the society aim to control the rest of the members using the availability of resources. Lastly, the symbolic interactionist bases its argument on symbols and use of interactions.

Although each of these approaches helps conceptualize the society from different angles, they do not offer potential solutions to the social problems. They only help to give a better view of the society without giving concrete solutions. However, using these theories, one may be able to come up with accurate and good solutions as they will understand the society at hand in a better manner. Each society has its structure and thus coming up with the same solutions for the social problems for different society before understanding their structure will be misleading. Thus, it is important to understand the society from a sociological approach before coming with solutions.


Treviño, A., & McCormack, K. (2016). Service Sociology and Academic Engagement in Social Problems Solving Social Problems (1st ed.). Routledge.

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