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Social movements were powerful factors for social reform in the United States. At the same time, the government and other critics stopped these movements, but it did not produce any results. A social movement is a combined effort by many to promote or hinder social, cultural, political or economic improvements (Gamson, 357). The social movement can also be a group of people with special interests, and they do certain things conventionally. But how they conduct their acts depends upon the disparity between special interest groups and social movements. Social movements work outside the policy by engaging in various varieties of protests, including demonstrations, picket lines, sit-ins and sometimes outright violence.

Hashtags are words or multi-word phrases that are preceded by the symbol #, such as #blacklivesmatter. Hashtags can be used to search for posts. Hashtags as a meta-commentary is a distinctly rhetorical practice. This is because of the presentation of words in a social media post, are less concerned with the content, and more interested in how they fulfill a purpose or a response to a perceived context. Hashtags don’t need spacing, if you need to use more than one word, run them together. If the reading the meaning of the phrases seems hard without spaces, capitalize each word. Hashtags used in a post depends on the audience you want to attract or for popularity purposes.

A great social media tactic deployed by hashtag users is merely asking the right question. This means targeted and thoughtful questions, where the potential answer could add value to your feed. Social listening is an important tactic that develops social media engagement plan by looking for opportunities to participate and engage with your audience. Another social media tactic is building relationships through twitter chats. Using a shared hashtag, users meet at a predetermined time to discuss issues of relevance. These conversations, generate and create deep connections between the people participating. Once you establish a relationship, you must maintain trust and consistency. Consistency, as a social media tactic, ensures that you post more than once in a day and respond to various tweets.

Thesis statement: Social movement has been used as a method of improving communication in many past years. But due to arising different types of software, social movement has become an international method of placing various kinds of protest, including demonstrations and sometimes outright violence.

#BlackLivesMatter, represents a significant social movement both in its ability to continue over time and its use of social media as a secondary method of spreading the message. This movement began back in 2013 and had continued to maintain a presence on social media throughout the past four years. Many people view social media movement as being “lazy.” But in this situation, it provides supporters of the movement a medium to share their physical acts of protest and activism. The hashtag does not represent a specific group but instead acts as a general term that can be connected to a variety of movement and protests. There are many positive aspects employed by the black lives matter movements, but it has its shortcomings as well. A significant concern with the social media campaigns is the emergence of conflicting hashtags such as #AllLivesMatter and #BlackLivesDontMatter. This has created hateful groups that aim to counteract the movement.

This paper seeks to explore social movements of BlackLivesMatter, to discover and analyze it formation, role in the social media and social movements and the extent of its impact on well-based technologies. In this research, we will extensively discuss the effects of social media and understand how tweeter users have deployed the hashtag.

Major misconceptions about Black Lives Matter Movements

Since the release of Trayvon Martin’s killer in 2013 and Michael Brown in 2014, the phrase “black lives matter” has grown into rallying cry for black freedom struggle. This movement’s desire for disruption protest and impassioned public speeches bout persistent racial inequality has been disconcerting many Americans who wonder about the end-game of this new generations protestors. Do black lives matter more than the whites? Others are left asking why the black people can’t address their crime problems in their communities. These are some other questions revolving around this new movement. The young people protesting in the street deserve a fair hearing. With this, we can begin by removing some of the myths about what black lives matter is and what it isn’t.

The movement doesn’t care about black-on-black crime. Ninety-three percent of cases of black victim’s murder is usually black people themselves. The white people kill Eight-four percent of the cases. The continued focus on black-on-black crime is diversional tactic that suggests that black people have a crime problem. The movement acknowledges the crime problem but refuses to locate it as black pathology. It is a leaderless movement. The movement is larger than any one person, and there is room for talents, expertise, and work ethics of anyone who is committed to freedom. Many Americans of all races, are enamored with Martin Luther King as a symbol of leadership and what real movement looks like. It is a one-issue-movement. The movement has no agenda. It is believed that the black lives matter movement has no plan, other than yelling, disrupting, and protesting. This is also false, as, it has made clear, its demands which include, swift and transparent legal investigations of all police official governments killing black people and community accountability mechanisms. These evidences support my thesis of increased protesting and outright violence.


This is defined as a desire to perform a relatively costless support for a social media cause with unaccompanied luck of willingness to devote significant effort to enact meaningful change (Kristofferson, White & Chavez, 40). In regards to social movements, social has created awareness and reaching the broader audience than traditional activism (Bregstone & Chavez, 2012). Supporters of slacktivists believe that people who participate in this movement have increased chances of more meaningful forms of support such as donation of time and money in in the future. Black live matter movement raises awareness of police cruelty especially those that go unpunished. Some proposals such as the recently launched campaign zero by a group of activists call for body cameras on every police officer. They also initiated surveillance on large government massive database of information. It shows that racism still exists. This is because the black Americans are always undermined due to their racial existence. They are more likely to be targeted by police and arrested, and, more likely to attend weak or failing schools. All these social indicators are victims of violent crime due to race. The movement fights to change system rather than demonizing people. “Black lives matter has been told over and over again that they don’t matter, but it’s our responsibility as a society to scream that black lives matter, although this does not necessarily mean that all lives do not matter. However, it is to say that black lives have been invaded for so long and we must empower through action.” It gives young people an idea of the Civil Rights. Through campaigns and other social movements, the young people are educated and unlighted about their rights as black people. They are also taught about importance and respect for the elders. The movement makes them feel powerless to change it, believing in the idea of a good job and protects them from evils of racism. All people should be treated with respect regardless of how they look or speak. Social media assists younger generation in gaining knowledge of the world and society around them by, updating on news and events in real time. On the other hand, particularly social media sites affect the younger generation through cyberbullying. This is very dangerous compared to physical bullying as it happens twenty-four hours a day. Harmful messages and images are spread quickly and it very hard to delete. This argument relates to the thesis as it evident that social movement despite being a method of communication, several problems such as racism arises from it. It also strengthens communities hence they can understand black as a raise doesn’t matter in the growth of a population.

How social movements make a difference

With the aid of new media coverage, events such as protesting pay much attention to the problem and brings pressure to bear on the government agencies, including corporations and other targets of protests. Many profound changes have been delivered by social movements throughout the U.S history (Amenta, Caren, Chiarello, & Sue, 320). The movement may try to abolish increased slavery and increased rate of racism. Social movement seems to have made considerable movements, but scholars seem to recently have paid more attention to the origins than the consequences (Giugni, 414). A social movement is correlated with political implications, cultural effects that are associated with society’s culture including biographical movement that is involved with the lives of people who take part in the movement. The movement makes us understand the matters that arise when more successful protests or fewer protests are carried out. Research also shows that when the government is against the protest, the movement gets to succeed whereby the protest gets weakened by economic and other problems. Scholars tend to disagree whether the movements are fortunate if their organizations are centralized or decentralized thus likely to engage more in protest (Piven & Cloward, 408, Gamson, 357).This supports my thesis because we get to see how protests arise as a result of social movements.

Impacts social media plays in social movement

Social media is an open venue for large-scale social interaction. However, the use of Facebook, Twitter, youtube accounts, and Google trends enables users to spread information quickly and directly as they maintain a degree of anonymity. Nevertheless, the Iranian and Egyptian were cable of manipulating access to these sources by the use of social media to negatively impact the progress of the protestors. Social press impacted much as it allowed the average citizens to gauge the number of people sharing their beliefs which made it easier to take action because they knew they were not alone. The use of social media during the revolution worked so well where the government blocked all communications. The events that took place in Egypt showed that social media was powerful tool that could coordinate and unite millions of people. Although the black lives matter movement does not intend to overthrow the government, it has influenced significant changes in the state and federal governments. Police officers who were significantly affected by the movement due to their brutality are taking steps to reduce those actions and hold those responsible for the commitment of crimes. For the main Protest in New York City, Twitter was used to communicate with the people and videos were posted on YouTube sites to show the events that were ongoing. It may have started out small, but the media picked up some of the social contents and aired it on national TV (Ngai, 2011).Although this is a negative and destructive example of how social media can be used, it still demonstrates that social media can be used a successful to tool for movement. This supports thesis by showing how various demonstrations were impacted by the social movements both negatively and positively. It also shows that social media connects millions of people and influences the decisions they make as they carry their daily activities.


Twitter users have deployed the use of hashtag. Some people use hashtags for fun or to send a message or create a movement. A hashtag can leave people talking about a particular story, news or events. Twitter hashtags encourage people to take part in conversations with same topic and people engage with one another even if they are not following each other. Hashtags help increase your social media presence as they make your content viewable by everyone who has interest in your hashtag. Social media provides an identity of we are and the message we want to convey. We create relationships with people we may not know, but we have a common agenda. The news spread to millions of people and the movements created are strengthened by the hashtags created. We can use social media to connect with our friends and peers to maintain our relationships and share in news, entertainments and other videos of our day to day lives. It is also a means of education and awareness. It keeps the younger generation up to date. They can know their rights and fight for themselves. It builds and unites communities that have long been distant once a movement is created they can get interested followers who join and support the movement costless. This study emphasizes how social media has united communities and made movements to grow stronger. It may have its advantages and disadvantages that have strengthened it and made it successful.

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