Social Media Conduct by Workers

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As technological growth in the world has increased, the Internet and social networks have clashed with human privacy. The planet has become a global village, for example, through the Internet. In the other hand, the social media has facilitated and provided a forum where people you meet or know cannot communicate and connect with information on events and activities. This prompted employers to track their workers via different social media channels. We claim that workers bear the reputation of their employer in and out of work (Pearson, 2010). Its thus of great need for the employers to safeguard their reputation and that of their business by holding each member of staff accountable if by any chance the activities they conduct through the social media platforms is seen to degrade the image of the organization. This has raised the argument and to some extent questions on whether the employer should be given that mandate to execute punishment and lay off those staff who engage in social media malpractices.

Employees’ misconducts either within or outside the working environment may have a negative impact on the business reputation whether in line of duty or outside the line of duty (Qualman, 2010). Business owners should frequently monitor any form of social media activities by their staff to avoid ruining the reputation of the organization or that may interfere with their professionalism either directly or indirectly. For instance a teacher using inappropriate language in the social media platform may negatively influence the students who may access their profile. When the social media activities of famous Nickelodeon program ‘Sam and Cat’ main character led to her contract being terminated in order to safeguard the company reputation as a children brand.

It not possible to separate the use of social media from the professional conduct of the employees as this may lead to unethical behavior of the employee at work (Kaplan & Heinlein, 2010). It can therefore be argued and agreed that, it is right or legal to take action and hold anyone accountable when proven that any member seen to portray any manner or form of negativity through the social media platform. Some argue that taking disciplinary measures against such workers may negatively influence the employer’s reputation. Qualman (2010) implies that there is a strong bond between the employer and their staff that is compared to the relationship between a mother and a child .Thus, negative engagement on social media platform may ruin the public perception towards the organization.

Regrettably, worker may engage on the social media platform to convey damaging information about their employer. Some workers may expose the weaknesses of their employers unknowingly by creating humor through the social media platform (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). By not tracking workers use of these platforms may propagate such messages causing undesirable public stance towards the employer, thus ruining the business. It is of great need for the employer to takes disciplinary measures towards such employees and encourage the use of appropriate ways to air their discontent as well as to save their reputation.


Conclusively, the business owners have the mandate to safe guard their business reputation. They should employ all the measures they deem necessary as they are the direct losers when the organization is faced by such issues. This is effectively possible through ensuring healthy use of social media platforms by employees by laying out strategies to engage also the public thus making them feel part and parcel of the organization It is thus upon the employer to take disciplinary measures against those staff who engage in social media activities that may end up running the organization reputation and image.

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