Social interaction

Any new person entering a community should prioritize social interaction. It enables one to comprehend and learn what members of that culture enjoy doing and what they hate about their cultural values. This ability to learn and adapt quickly gives every researcher an advantage in learning when contrasting one item to another in their field of study. Many people are perplexed as to why there are so many teens in the free market and shopping centers relative to older people. While various causes can be inferred, the actual cause has a broad scope of explanation, focusing on given societies with complex cultural differences.
Conduction of A Non-Participant Research Work
Various reasons have been provided in general on why there are always many women than men in the shopping centers. To obtain some of the primary reasons, constant observation, as well as the study of the behaviors, social interaction and the influence of culture around one of the meeting point, was done without interacting with any group.

Research Done In Whole Food Inc. Market

I chose to do my field study here because it is the largest supermarket in the United States that is specialized in organic food products. With the high-quality services to the customers, there is an influx of buyers and sellers on a daily basis making it the ideal location for my study. The environment is clean and eye-catching, which makes the market welcoming to the surrounding community.

Demographic Nature of People around the Market

Austin being the urban part of Texas has a considerable figure regarding population since many people move to the urban area in search of employment. Agriculture is the main commercial practice in the region, but recent studies show that poor production has forced more people to move to the city. The shift has adversely influenced the supply of agricultural products to supermarkets such as the Whole Food Inc. Market.

Social Nature of the People

From the observation, a significant number of the people were busy with what they came to do in the marketplace, men and women interacted peacefully coexisted. Some individuals who came to familiarize while shopping or doing other businesses in the market used the marketplace as a meeting point.

Observation Site

I went to one of the market stores that offered breakfast, and it acted as a connection point between the market and the surrounding community. The location of the store provided a clear view to observe what was happening in the supermarket. I focused on younger to older people. Found out that many individuals come to meet, talk and others spend time having some fun from the fancy scenarios available. I had reserved time for the two days to observe what group of people came, with the purpose and the group that was dominant in that given area.

Trends in the Observation

I visited the market daily at noon for 25 minutes and recorded the facts. The main point of focus was the composition of the population that visited the market either for shopping or just for social interaction. On the first day, I recorded a large number of young people in the store who visited with the sole purpose of having fun and enjoying themselves. Only fifty people out of the three hundred and sixty individual who visited the store that day appeared to be above fifty years. The rest of the group appeared to range from ten to forty years.

Part Two

Research Question

Do we have a higher number of young people visiting Whole Food Market Inc. as compared to the older? Is so why?

Primary Variables

The main variables observed were the age differences regarding the young and old, and the gender.


The hypothesis of the study entailed the possible explanation for the findings.

Young people have more energy than the old adults does hence occupy most jobs in the city thus sending the old individuals back to the rural areas.

Repeated Observation from the Same Setting

I visited the store for a second study, and the trend of the findings was similar regarding the age difference. However, there was a slight increase in population as compared to the previous study. The women recorded the highest number of visitors. A majority of the women were in the store for shopping while a few had their male counterparts with them. Moreover, the overall observation regarding age difference was that the visitors above fifty years did not go beyond twenty-seven. The study also showed a progressive increase in the number of the participants which rose to 400 from the 350 that was observed in the previous visit.

Description of the observation

In general, the community around Whole Food Market Inc. has a higher number of young people than the older based on the facts from the research study, which was consistent with the highest number entering and leaving the store is the young. In the society, men are viewed as the head of the house, which could be an explanation as to why almost three-quarters of the people visiting the store, were women, which means men, are committed elsewhere. The women simply assumed the role of taking care of the families. I believe it can be a valid explanation for the gap between the number of men and women in the market store.

Sociological or Theoretical Explanation

The difference between the young and the older people from the observed data sample could mean that a majority of the elderly retire from various places of work and are replaced by the young, energetic individuals in their early ages as observed. Research has it that young people tend to spend a lot of their time visiting fancy places to have fun, shop, and picnics (McKercher, Wang, & Park, 2015).

Difference between Inductive and Deductive Observation

Inductive reasoning entails carrying out a series of specific observation while developing them into one general statement. It is a wide generalization from specific observations. In a basic sense, the data exist then accurate conclusions are drawn from it. With inductive reasoning, there is a possibility of the conclusion to be false. On the other hand, Deductive reasoning involving beginning with a general statement and proceeding towards a specific statement. It starts with a general statement known as a hypothesis and evaluates the possibilities of obtaining a specific and logical conclusion. Deductive reasoning always follows steps with the first statement followed by the second premise and lastly the inferences. The advantage of using deductive reasoning is that the deductive inference conclusions are always certain as long as the premises are true. More so, it is possible to arrive at a logical conclusion even if the generalization is false (Imenda, 2014).

My research study was inclined on deductive observation on which the problem of focus was to find a reason why we have younger generation visiting the market in large numbers as compared to the older people. However, I found out that an understanding of the nature of the demographics of the community would give an explainable fact about the cause and various reasons were deduced. However, employment, as well as retirement age with the cultural beliefs of the community, could be an appropriate reason.


From the two research methods, I would prefer using deductive observation since it enables the researcher to come up with a general point of view from a problem, which is identified in the entire society. Moreover, one can find logical and certain inference conclusions if the hypotheses were true. In general from the two research observational steps; my recommendation is that there should not be any such huge difference among the people occupying a specific region since it leads to an imbalance in the development rate in the affected areas (Simas, Golsteijn, Huijbregts, Wood, & Hertwich, 2014).


To conclude it is clear that deductive reasoning is superior and preferable to inductive observation. From the research study, the recorded observational data showed that the population of the young people is higher than the older. The deductive conclusion behind this observation was that older adults retire from their respective places of work and move to the rural area while leaving young and energetic people in the city hence the primary reason for population imbalance.



Imenda, S. (2014). Is There a Conceptual Difference between Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks?. Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi/Journal of Social Sciences, 38(2).

McKercher, B., Wang, D., & Park, E. (2015). Social impacts as a function of place change. Annals of Tourism Research, 50, 52-66.

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