Sleep and Consciousness

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Consciousness is characterized as a state of mind where multiple thoughts and feelings can be sensed by the body, and this level of consciousness differs. Sleep, on the other hand, is categorized by low physical activity and reduced sensory perception (Spielman 112). Meditation is a perfect brain-building technique that provides calmness plus several wellbeing advantages. This calming mechanism, however, is impeded by the initiative that individuals use to focus to become result-oriented and appear to ignore the process involved in creating a desirable state of mind (Spielman 117). In the stages of sleep, the 90-minute cycle stood out, where after every cycle the REM sleep increases, which is the part that involves dreaming and it is important in memory and learning. In sleep deprivation, it is suggested that REM deprivation can bring positive results especially for people suffering from major depression (Spielman 125). Also, the majority of the antidepressants suppress REM sleep. One of the ways of improving my sleep is incorporating the techniques of meditation where one clears their mind or thoughts. This way, I will have a relaxed mind, which will assist in ensuring a proper and calm sleep (Spielman 127).

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Spielman, Rosie M. Psychology. OpenStax, 2017.

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