Skateboards Discussion

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Skateboarding conjures up a debate that elicits reactions from various segments of the society. Arguments for and against the exercise present credible arguments for debate, posing the question of whether or not banning it could help remedy some of the problems that have been highlighted by the opposers is indispensable in determining a proper motive or action. Skateboarding can be viewed as a sport, as well as a mode of transport, and in its pure form, it has minimal risks. Banning skateboarding in public areas is no longer a solution to some of the challenges skateboarding, where hints are involved, causes, and neither does it address the needs of the growing skateboarders.
Skateboarding is a risk to the environment, people, and the aesthetics of public resources. Skateboarding is not confined to walkways nor the road, and as such, accidents to the public, as well as the skateboarders, have been recorded. The pure form of skateboarding risks accidents to the public and the skateboarders through knockdowns and falls respectively, but once tricks have been incorporated in the sport, damage to property increases. In addition, accidents that result from skateboarders trying to perform tricks are more critical to those of ordinary skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks such as ‘grinding’ cause damage to handrails, public benches, and other constructs. Complaints of defaced flower beds and buildings are part of the reasons why banning skateboarding seems logical, as the public investments are meant to improve the aesthetics of parks and other public places.
Skateboarding has boosted the economy through different avenues, more profound with the X-Games. The games are an international attraction, which translates to an increase in tourism, through hotel bookings, souvenirs, and trade among other money generating interests. Skateboarding, even without the games is a business by itself, opening a new niche for investment. Considering the age of participants, skateboarding keeps the young adults busy as they hone their skills in the sport, minimizing cases of crime, in the town and in the parks. Parks that once harbored criminals have had their security improve with the amount of interest directed towards the parks, by the skateboarders, and enthusiasts of the games. The investments done by the corporate sector on the sports have contributed to the sport and introduced some rules to the sport intended to regulate the participants. The result of the interest shown by the corporate sector is more creativity within parks, which also helps control the unruly behavior associated with some skateboarders.
Skateboarding has its merits as well as demerits, and it has the potential for growth into a revolutionary sport such as BMX. There are risks to the sports, and investments by the corporate sector have resulted in the development of special parks for the sports, but the resources are not available to all people, nor can all interested parties manage to move out to a location with specialized skateboard parks. The Jerrytown City Council should have a meeting with all the involved stakeholders to establish regulations that cater to the needs of the public as well as the skateboarding community. Coming to a consensus on addressing the risks and threats the sport poses to the concerned public should be done to introduce schedules as well as resources to facilitate the growth of the sport while observing public safety, as a ban does not cater for all.

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