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There have been many rules long before a country that have dictated the actions of the militia and the military. They include; the power of the constitution and emergency, the states reserved the power to prepare and arm the military and select officers as well. The bone of contention here was that the standing army was hated by the Federalists. “Calling out” the state militias; militia acts of 1792 and 1795, this act provided for the militia’s call to enforce laws, repel invasions and suppress insurrections.” Calling forth” the federal army militia Acts of 1807and 1861 this Act allowed the president to call out troops both the militia and the federal soldiers to execute laws unless Congress were to intervene with a majority resolution (Vladeck 2004).

The Federalist really feared the thought of standing armies. They thought that a union that was accountable for protecting the nation should be able to command the military power. the anti –federalists, on the other hand, saw themselves as the starters of a new political system that was based on virtues and held together by a sense of communism. They supported standing armies and militia men as they had a passion for the country, unlike paid soldiers who were considered to have moral decay and could be paid off.

The Federalists argued that a strong union with control over the military would reduce by far the need for militia men. They argued that this was necessary and if in the unlikely possible outcome that the military would fail, the militia or standing armies would automatically take charge of the situation. Despite the constant protests by the anti federalists, the Federalist’s stance held faith in the union of the American people. It was dismissed by the federalists that a militia group could become so powerful to be able to guard the recently acquired American liberty (Federalist Papers n.d.).

The challenge during this period was that the anti federalist did not trust the professional armies to guard their hard earned freedom. They thought of them as tools that could be used to oppress the citizens. Instead, the citizens believed in their own passion and love for the freedom to protect them. They jealously guarded their freedom. Unlike nowadays the mandate to safe guard the country is left only to professional soldiers with citizens mostly taking for granted the freedom they enjoy.the spirit of communalism has been overpowered by capitalism


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Vladeck, Stephen. 2004. “Emergency Power and the Militia Acts.” The Yale Law Journal 149-194.

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