Essay On Significance Of System Control In Business

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In modern business and corporate management, regulation has been and continues to be a significant undertaking for the growth of the business. Control is the gateway to other corporate functions, such as the performance of an entity identified by successful control. Over the years, various papers have been written describing and illustrating the growth, implementation, evolution and, most specifically, explaining the role of management control in the organization. This essay addresses a recent article on management regulation, more so on the importance of control systems in the industry. Authored in 2017, the article titled “The Importance of Control Function in a Business Organization” speaks about the aspect of controlling functions within a business. It also discusses the importance of control in the organizational setting towards the realization of objectives and goals. According to the author, controlling has today become an indispensable function in organization management. The article highlights the importance of control, and the need for sustainable development (The importance of control function in a business organization, n.d). In order for a business establishment to grow, survive as well as be a success. One primary benefit related to controlling functions in an organization is that, it offers accurate information which is key towards key and effective decision making in an organization. More so, it helps in maintaining effective functioning aspect of a business.

Drawing from the article, I have learnt what is controlling in terms of business setting. Controlling can be said to be that process in which an organization turns their production into better and improved production while at the same time eliminating challenges between production and organizational success. With reference to this topic, the article provides a key introduction into the field of organizational control, highlighting why control is unavoidable undertaking in the modern business management. Drawing from the article, some key terms include: controlling as a function of management and also mangers are key to effective control. Other terms include: sustainable development, internal and external control.


The Importance of Control Function in a Business Organization. (N.d.). Retrieved September 06, 2017, from

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