Shift in the Atmosphere

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James Hansen is America’s most celebrated earth scientist for the contribution he has made to climate change and its effects. Since many of his lectures were aimed at raising awareness of the consequences of climate change, he is considered the founder of climate change awareness. He proposes that, until the international community does anything, climate change will continue to be observed. He sees climate counter promises to be a mere dialog that can never be followed. He proposes, however, that all those who promote the production of greenhouse gases should be taxed. He also points out that, emission of greenhouse gases will continue to be present as long as coal remains to be the cheap fuels around. He therefore influences human minds by challenging them to consider the consequences of their actions towards climatic change and how they can control this.

Kevin Trenberth

Kevin Trenberth is a climate scientist who is from New Zealand. He is a well-recognized scientist in the atmospheric sector who has received numerous awards for his work on climate change and its implications. He has also been involved in chairing various meetings on climate change in the world, which has won him much respect. His recent research has focused on global energy and water cycles and how they are changing. He has successfully laid down a climatic overview on how energy and water cycles are changing the climate and the likely effects they might bring about in the future. His clear message dictates that, unless something is done, the future might be disastrous as far as climate maintenance is concerned. He has influenced a scientific thinking motive by engineering towards the creation of a climatic information system that is imperative for adoption for climate change and set ways that meet climate requirements and consistency (Bell, pg.8).

Richard Lindzen

Richard Lindzen is a Massachuset Institute of Technology retired professor who has a long-standing history and research reputation in climatic change. He analyzes the atmospheric climate change concerning the satellite information and scientist’s agreement on climatic issues. He recognizes the increasing accumulation of carbon IV oxide in the atmosphere and the actions engineering this. Richard points out that, despite the consensus arrived at by the scientists, nothing is going to change about climatic change unless action is taken to counter human activities that generate carbon IV oxide into the atmosphere (Beattie, pg.155). He develops scientific thought impact by stating that, climate change is a man made a contribution that can be changed through the implementation of human maintenance practices. Therefore, he leads the world in containing their activities that result in increased amounts of carbon IV oxide in the atmosphere.

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