Sharks at San Diego

The point of a shark is not a dreaded word after the ordeal I as soon as had while I was browsing in San Diego California. I have heard of many stories in the past, but little did I now that one day I would be worried in an encounter with of the most feared sea creatures. I remember how the ride was so traumatizing that was affected for a total week as I tried to come to terms with the reality that I had certainly seen a shark in the open water. Even though I concept that I was powerless during my come across with a shark at San Diego, composure and focus enabled me to come out untouched.
It was a Saturdays evening, and I remembered that I had scheduled to go for surfing with my friends in San Diego that evening. I called one of them, and he was not picking up, and I realized immediately that they had left for fun without me. I jumped over the fence and ran to the beach as fast I could because it was not much far from our residence. At the time, I was unaware that I had hurt myself on the foot and some blood was oozing from the injured area. Just as I had anticipated, all my buddies were having fun and when I arrived, I realized that they were about to leave. I tried to convince them to extend for a few more minutes but they were adamant, and within ten minutes I was alone because I insisted I had not experienced as much fun as they did.

After about thirty minutes of surfing, I started having some strange feelings and my instincts told me that something was not right. I looked up and noticed that it was already getting dark and I even wondered how fats time had moved that day. Within a short time, I spotted a moving object that resembled a dolphin moving in my direction. I started feeling a little sketchy and even wondered whether it was real or my mind was playing tricks on me. As I looked closer, it dawned on me that it was a shark approaching and it appeared to me that I was powerless. I had gone for surfing deep in the waters and it would be effortless to run as I knew I could not compete with such a majestic sea creature in the open water. It was then that I remembered that sharks liked to feed at night but fortunately, I also remembered that composure is key when face by an approaching shark.

The encounter was largely defined by the tale-tell signs that I read from the approaching fish because I knew that composure was key if I was to come off the water alive. I, therefore, decided to play in a way that make it look like I had not seen it in the vicinity and to my surprise, the shark past about two minutes away from the point that I was surfing, I remember feeling a thrill of joy as it was an unbelievable feeling to have been excused by shark but I believe that the courage I demonstrated played a huge role in my survival strategy. I recall being traumatized for a whole week because I interpreted it as an opportunity to live again considering I was all alone in the water that day.

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