Seven Forms of Classical Music

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Music is a sequential type of art that has been annotated for a long time by vibrational methods. Classical tunes are created using a variety of structures in music. The theme character is made up of tiny groups of stages that complete the musical premise. It is similar to an essay’s subject paragraph. Passacaglia, ground base, chaconne, motif, and variants are all variant types. The chaconne, ground bass, and passacaglia are all built around short ostinato motifs that provide a consistent harmonic foundation (Levinson and Alperson 157). A concerto is a piece of music written by a soloist and orchestral musicians. Its role is to feature the soloist’s musical expressiveness and skills. The etude form focuses on a specific technique and structure of the practice material to perfect the particular abilities. The overture is an orchestral work that leads an oratorio, opera, motion picture or dramatic dance in the composition of the sonata form. The rondo form is an instrumental method that is characterized by subsequent restatement and initial statement of a particular section or melody (Levinson and Alperson 164). Lastly, the minuet and trio forms are often derived from a three-part dance that usually appears in the third movement in classical symphonies.

The Properties of Sound and Rhythm

Music is a form of art that requires precise aspects for it to sound complete. For instance, since it represents the sound that travels as vibration through the air, it should be loud enough to be heard. Music also depends on the duration it takes as well as the timbre (tone or sound color) of the instruments (Walter 152). Music needs specific locations for one to listen. For instance, it should contain the envelope that shapes the sound whenever it changes with time and frequency. Moreover, music requires specific tempo for it to clearly convey the message or to set particular moods. Lastly, music also needs the meter as it organizes the recurring accent patterns of the beats.

The Fundamentals of Harmony and Melody

In normal circumstances, music is built by the interplay of harmony, melody, and rhythm. Melody in this case is a result of playing different notes which are often repeated severally. Harmony, on the other hand, is the relationship between notes that are played at the same time. Therefore, the fundamentals of melody and harmony are that whenever instruments play different tunes, harmony co-relates the pitch to form the music (Walter 157).

The Characteristics of the Musical Texture

There are different types of compositions that are described to make music have a good sound. They include monophony, heterophony, homophony, and polyphony. The monophony is the most straightforward type of texture in music. In this form, a single voice is played without any harmonic accompaniment. The heterophony, on the other hand, consists of more parts of music that elaborate the same melody. Polyphonic music is also comprised of two or more voices but tends to differ from heterophony because all the sounds are played to the same tune through the same notes. Lastly, in homophonic music, there is a single voice that leads then other sounds accompany with harmony as they take a subordinate role (Levinson and Alperson 170).

How Opera Uses Music and Drama to Create the Art Form

An opera is a complete form of art that joins poetry, drama, music, and dance in a theatrical setting. It uses music and drama to create the art form because the music itself expresses emotions and action that is taking place. Often, music and drama link the modern artistic culture and liberal intellectual with the ritualistic origins (Walter 169).

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