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I only missed three while conducting the survey. This included questions 1, 5 and 9, respectively. The ADA is an act signed in 1990 to protect the rights of people in American society who are disabled. The legislation forbids discrimination of any sort against people considered to have any kind of disability. I learned about ADA by visiting their website and reading some of their publications with information on how to provide individuals with disabilities in the community with sufficient and fair opportunities. I assume I skipped the three questions because I lacked adequate proof as per Title III regarding the issue of providing equal educational opportunities. However, I was not surprised by the correct responses because I believe the every individual in the society whether able or disabled should have equal opportunity in every sector of the economy. The laws stipulated by the ADA legislation are appropriate in creating a harmonized setting for all children with or without disabilities to learn. Additionally, the act empowers both men and women with disability to get employment and acquire commercial activities without feeling unappreciated in the community. Early childcare setting provides quality health and developmental desires to kids with disabilities through;

Allowing them to interact with their colleagues who have no disability. Thus making them to understand them in a special way. Additionally, it does not make those with ability to treat them with special care.

Offering them medication during their stay. Childcare settings accommodate children with disabilities medication in a bid to improve their wellbeing and become important persons in the society.

Through play. Children with disability get the opportunity to play with others without disability thus improving their communication and cognitive abilities.

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