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Since its inception, we appreciate the services Cytonn has provided to your business. The partnership between Suzie and Cytonn investment has been productive and profitable. Over the course of the few years, we have earned the Suzie Catering Services with the best delicious breakfast and lunch. Your company has found a great support in meeting the needs of our workers for breakfast and lunch. I recall the delicacies of last year’s Cytonn party preparations from your business. I had never experienced such dishes before. Over the years your company has served us, it has observed a high degree of hygiene and punctuality. At no one time, our employees have ever complained about the services of your company. Your company’s services and professionalism have been invaluable.
Cytonn would wish to thank your company for it has been patient with us when we fail to honor our debts in time. Your company has never instituted any legal proceeding against Cytonn or any other action other than submitting the invoice. Ms. Rebecca, as you understand, Cytonn is currently experiencing hard economic climate. This has been contributed by declines in sales of our projects, fluctuating interest rates, inflation as well as the stage of economic cycle. Consequently, this has scared away investors forcing them to hoard their money speculating for favorable circumstances in future. Lack of investment resulting in a significant decline in our sales has significantly affected our cash flow, restricting our growth and expenditure. It has forced Cytonn investments to formulate desperate measures so as to contain the situation. One of the measures Cytonn has taken is to critically examine and review its current needs to control current expenditure.
In an aim to control our current expenditure and cope with the current hard economic times, Cytonn undertook some desperate measures which include terminating some services offered by various companies. Among the companies affected by these measures is Suzie Catering Services Company. Ms. Rebecca, we have enjoyed a successful working relationship so far, and Cytonn would not have wished it to experience this painful decision. Cytonn is taking this decision primarily because of the hard economic times it is undergoing through. We would not want your company to think it committed any mistake at any point. The quality of services and dedication cannot be matched. Cytonn wishes to maintain contacts and positive relationship with Suzie catering services since we would need your assistance in a near future as we turn a new page in our operations.
As I conclude, I would like to inform you how Cytonn is planning to meet the needs your company was serving because we will need your assistance. Cytonn is planning to open a cafeteria in one of the company’s premises where our employees will be getting breakfast and lunch at subsidized cost while interested outsiders will get them at normal rates. We believe that as we seek to contain the current situation in the short run, in the long run, this idea can turn into income generating investment. It is our wish that when Cytonn turns to your company for assistance, you will not turn us down. Cytonn wishes your company continued success.

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