Sensation and Perception

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The illusions shown on the website serve as an eye test for people to assess their visual skills and build impressions. The visions are presented in a way that makes it impossible for an observer to decide what the images display. In addition, owing to glitters and motion-like appearance, the photographs often have characteristics that are distracting to the viewer that appear to mislead the viewer about their identities.
The Stereo kinetic Effect is one of the photos on the website (SKE). The picture involves a rotation of numbers that contributes to a three-dimensional distortion. The picture includes lines of yellow and blue, the center point of which rotates within the circumference. In the course of the rotation, the blue and yellow stripes enlarge and contract routinely, a feature that comprises the optical illusion for the image. A person looking at the image takes time to create a perception on their identity of the image because of the different dimensions that makes it difficult for the eye to determine. An o0bserver has to process the expansion and contraction of the stripes simultaneously for them to interpret the nature of the image in their minds. In light of this, an eye is used to send direct information to the brain which is then interpreted immediately if the image at sight is one-dimensional. However, a three dimension, object presents different angles from which an object can be interpreted, thus resulting in the difficulty of the mind processing the information gathered when looking at the image and hence determine its identity. The Stereo kinetic Effect (SKE) makes use of a kinetic depth effect (KDE) phenomenon to construct6 and hence, interpret such kinds of images.

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