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My main features include modesty, sincerity, and eagerness to learn. I am an ambitious person who is trying to discover new areas to gather diverse expertise. Being a member of every squad, I try to have a significant effect and effect on my colleagues. My integrity has helped me develop relationships and build the trust of my colleagues. Humility is a quality that made me go to places like that. Having friends from diverse backgrounds who have a different effect on my life has been the product of my humble disposition. I am a self-motivated student who is actively finding self-improvement. Finally, I am a monarch who has a high degree of reverence for authority and accountability. However, my negative characteristic is that I am a pessimist. In several occasions, I back out of projects after foreseeing doom.

I am a distinguished student who values education more than all other things. My key accomplishment is the successful completion of my high school education with excellent grades, which enabled me to secure an opportunity in this esteemed learning institution. Secondly, I have received several achievements in the field of sports. I was named one of the promising players in my team. Lastly, I was among the best employees at a station that I worked for the last year. These accomplishments have been motivation factors that propelled my spirit of hard work and commitment.

My key interests are in the business world, especially in various innovations in the different sectors of the economy such as money transfer. I am interested in exploring the various contributions made by different individuals across the globe in the sphere of mobile cash transfers. Consequently, I believe that I will also create an innovation that will transform the lifestyles of individuals across the globe in the business sector.

The fundamental factor that contributes to my numerous successes is my background. I come from a family of struggling people who believe in hard work, motivation and academic success. My parents’ hard work had a key influence on my success since I worked tirelessly in order not to let them down and make them happy. My positive mental attitude has also contributed to my success. I see opportunities where others do not and believe in experimentation to a given extent. Education and the hope for a better tomorrow had also exerted the primary influence on my success. I employed the skills learned in school at my workplace to ensure that our customers attain the best. Lastly, my creativity has also played a critical role in my success. I have always been glad to come up with new exciting ideas in school, at home or at work.

Pessimism is a critical barrier to the successes of many individuals. I start most of my projects on a high note and with positive mental attitude. However, after experiencing few challenges and ascertaining that the project may hit a dead end, I quit and divert my efforts to other more productive and promising projects. The protective nature of my family has also barred me from achieving more than I have. These individuals appreciate my thoughts, but are also pessimists who thus break my morale. My parents fear to see me fail to achieve my goals or to accomplish successful projects. Lastly, procrastination has also been a critical barrier to achieving my goals. I postpone things that may have been done early only to do them in in a rush or to fail to do them at all.

Personal Goals

Boldness, adventure, autonomy, leadership, openness, responsibility and trustworthiness are my primary values. However, my negative values, as mentioned above, are pessimism, and reluctance. I venture into new things courageously with the hope of successful completion. Some of these values become evident in the projects that I do and are seen and appreciated by the team members. I hold responsibility not only for my actions, but also for the doings of the members of the social and academic groups that I am a part or a leader of.

Work-life balance can be achieved in different ways. However, its achievement largely depends on the activities that an individual participates in. I value both my social, academic and work life. Thus, I create a schedule for all the events and award times based on their relevance to my social and professional growth. My timetables ensure that I am able to attend my classes, work to earn an extra income and involve in cocurricular activities to maintain physical fitness.

My educational philosophy is that education is a unique and rare experience for all the students. The task of edifying scholars of different ages has its challenges and must not be disguised. Teachers must adopt the relevant strategies proposed by theorists in the field of education and perceive the action of teaching as a lifestyle rather than as a profession. The teachers must also be success-driven and teach their students on how to be both academic and social giants. All spheres of life are equally important. Therefore, educationist must propagate a culture of acceptance and truth and guide their students in making life decisions based on their interests and not the academic might.

My philosophy in work is that teamwork, motivation and balance are the core pillars. I also believe that not the result that justifies the means, but the means determine the final product. Through commitment, motivation and hard work, the success of any business can be guaranteed.

My personal mission is to incorporate my experiences and education to change the world’s perception of how business is conducted. I intend to use the various skills that I have acquired to manipulate the various economic and business system. I also have a mission of being both money minded and focus on community development by applying the different principles of corporate social responsibility to sustain our environment. I will magnify my inputs to give a substantial output and motivate other scholars to do so by giving back more than they take from the world.

Professional goals

Work in which the success can be quantified gives me satisfaction. Such kinds of jobs are characterized by teamwork, proper workplace leadership and motivation is their key feature. The work that provides a healthy workplace balance also gives me with satisfaction since I can focus on one thing at one time, either profession or social life.

My favorite work experience was when I had the opportunity to lead my workmates. I was one of the youngest employees who had minimal experience. However, the management appointed me as a temporary head, a position that I held for about 72 hours. This experience was the best as it motivated me up to date. I still fail to comprehend the leadership quality that I expressed to qualify me for the position.

Lifelong education plays a crucial role in shaping my personal and professional goals. I prefer skills to papers. Consequently, it will enable me to be conversant with the modern trends in businesses and to comprehend the ever-changing technologies. I will also get the chance to employ the skills learned through lifelong education in my businesses since I plan to be self-employed.

Over the next two years, my personal goal is to focus on my studies and earn the relevant skills that will assist me in the future. I also plan to collaborate with my colleagues and to explore the opportunities that will assist me to achieve my long-term personal and professional goals. In the next five years, I plan to have created contacts that will assist me in entering the business world. I also intend to establish teams of like-minded individuals that will explore the current business issues in different parts of the globe and devise solutions. I hope to establish a thriving business in the next ten years. I will have no problems with being employed then since I will have gathered enough experience to own several enterprises.

The companies that mirror my values are Google, Facebook and Johnson & Johnson. These firms have the highest work satisfaction percentages’ and the best work-life balance for their employees. The organizations that do not replicate my values are Forever 21 and Express Scripts because they don’t value their employees and set the long working hours, restricting social lives of employees.

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