security risk to personal computing

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Since the world has become a global village, especially since the information technology and Internet revolutions. Users of technologies are often confronted with security and privacy issues. Several cases of data leaks, theft, and fraud were identified by users at the start of the dot-com revolution. However, as time has passed, technology service providers such as suppliers of USB flash drives, internet service providers, smart printer manufacturers, cloud computing service providers, cloud infrastructure networks, cloud network service providers, and others have devised ways to combat security breaches, hacking, privacy, and other cyber crimes.
The manufacturers and service providers developed cryptography/access control mechanisms as a part of their routine operations. This treatise will examine security evaluation of the technology system implemented for the security of personal computing, a user who is exposed to the potential computing threats.

Possible threats:

Three possible threats that can be dangerous and damaging for losing personal information and assets are malware or spyware virus attack and hacking. It is a normal practice that every computer user saves his/her personal information such as credit card details, social security number, emails, business and office data, personal and family pictures, videos and other personal data to the hard drive of his/her personal computer. This actually exposes him/her to the greatest security risk. The area where every computer user needs to put special consideration to make his/her computing experience secure and to make the security impeccable is using the highly reputable, renowned and big security service providers such as an anti-virus software providers, anit-malware and anit-spyware software providers and cyber security service provider.

Indeed, with the passage of time improvement and evolution process is also taking its place to secure personal computing. In fact, today’s computing is much safer. There are lots of service providers in the market that ensures their customer cyber security. These service providers render their professional services to computer users for protecting their computer data, and they implement an impeccable cyber security and privacy solution for their customers.

Remedies implemented for possible threats:

Nowadays, technology components that are placed for security are foolproof. Large internet service providers such as Google, Firefox, MSN, large antivirus service providers, antispyware and antimalware service providers have implemented the components which consists of information security, data center physical security, server and software stack security, platform security features, secured service APIs and authenticated access, data encryption, secure global network, intrusion detection, security scanning, compliance and certifications, network firewall rule maintenance, penetrating tests, sensitive data management logging and monitoring PCI as well as HIPAA regulation compliance. These are the real impeccable technology remedies for possible threats. Therefore, in today’s personal computing there are less security risks are involved, everything is protected and safe.

My opinion:

In my opinion, the potential safeguards and controls which large and reliable service providers have implemented for their customers to mitigate vulnerabilities are enough to deal with the current security risks to personal computing. However, new challenges are continuously coming and the process of protecting computer users should not be stopped here. A foolproof security should be ensured. Indeed, a reliable and concrete security system is the only way to make sure that the technology the company is providing to users is fully protected.

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