Security of E-Commerce

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In the contemporary times, e-commerce faces many threats in which most of these threats prove to be very disruptive in the business world. Since e-commerce entails carrying out business activities on-line using the Internet, the threats are mostly related with matters concerning security. They can be virus attacks, fraud, statistics leaks, and much more. Out of all of them, virus attacks are the most frequent type of threats. Many organizations discover themselves battling with the issue of dealing with malicious code in their systems that disrupt their day-to-day activities, and this has proven to be an hard task for some.
Recently, a security company that deals with computer antiviruses skilled a threat in which a malware was embedded in their CCleaner tool that put most of its customers at risk. According to Mello Jr (2017), the malware infecting the device could give hackers control over the devices being used by over two million customers of the company’s product. Most of these customers are computer users who use the Internet regularly and, therefore, need the antivirus tools to protect themselves against online threats such as viruses (Karoui, 2016). The type of e-commerce here is Business to Customer (B2C) since the organization dealing with the production of the antivirus software then sells to clients in need of this antivirus software.
All threats in e-commerce can be controlled through different ways. A security lifecycle model is used to minimize any risks in any form of security breach. In the case of the company mentioned above, the threat could have been prevented by following the steps in the security lifecycle model, which involves the following steps: planning, policy implementation, monitoring and management, intrusion detection, risk or threats analysis, and finally, security policy creation (Karoui, 2016). By following these steps, the organization can quickly identify where the threat is and appropriately implement effective ways to prevent the risk. Through the help of intrusion detection, the group can detect the malware in their products and deal with it appropriately and ensure the safety of their customers’ security.
However, some people may argue that when e-commerce implements security measures in different operations, it sacrifices some forms of customer service. I strongly disagree with this since, in my opinion, customers need to feel secure when they are carrying out their activities online whether it is shopping or doing any other type of business related to e-commerce. Any e-commerce website should ensure that a customer has a sense of security while conducting business. Therefore, considering this, by implementing security measures in electronic commerce, you are adding service to the customers by providing them with the security that they need as opposed to depriving the customers any service (Mello Jr, 2017).
Finally, in my experience in visiting different e-commerce sites, I always feel, as security is always an issue especially when it comes to sharing my personal information with the e-commerce website. Some of these sites do not assure the customer that they will get whatever they need once they have shared their information and exchanged funds, or the information they give out will not be used against them. Therefore, it is important for the e-commerce website to provide the customer with necessary information that will assure them they the information they share is safe and that the site is trustworthy.

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