Seaworld order process

SeaWorld’s buying process is a bit straightforward and relies on the customer to have the right details. According to SeaWorld’s website, the purchasing process includes clients giving their orders and adding the requested personal details that correspond to the request made.
Such matters of concern to the purchasing process
One of the problems that have been impacted by the ordering process and that will have an effect on pricing is the issues seen as the responsibility of the customer. These include but are not limited to; charges for an extra person, gifts, extra beds, resort fees, energy and telecommunication, parking, movies, mini-bar, and other surcharges as they may occur. These charges should be included in the pre-order process. Additionally, from the website, the fees for all the facilities have not been indicated making a client who needed to pre-plan for their visit encounter a hard time in planning for such a visit.
One of the impacts of the ordering process at SeaWorld is the fact that the client has to allow the issuance of collected information to third parties. In the current era of cybercrimes, phishing of personal information and such kinds of crimes, it is crucial that a person is guaranteed of his or her security when it comes to the handling of personal information. By declaring that such information can be passed to third parties for purposes of billing, SeaWorld is guaranteeing no security for the customer, an issue that might push away most of the privacy-sensitive clients.
Moreover, the ordering process at SeaWorld is a bit vague and almost manual. It would be better if the resort and vacation center came up with a comprehensive process that takes care of all the client_x0092_s details in a sequential manner rather than ensuring the clients provide their correct information through the site. Moreover, SeaWorld should ensure that the collected data is in full rather than informing the clients that they will have other responsibilities by their side. In strict marketing, there should be adequate disclosure of information instead of asking the client to guess of the expected amount to spend, which is the case at SeaWorld.
Another critical ramification in the ordering process is the payment system. Issuance of SeaWorld_x0092_s credit card number means that they consent to pay the down payment and remain with dues that will be billed on a monthly basis. Considering that the charges, in the first place, are not straightforward, such a move may lead to overcharging in some cases and thus require the clients to make unnecessary follow up. Since the process of ordering through a simple down payment is favorable, it would be much better if the clients knew in advance what to expect to plan their holidays in a better way.
In conclusion, the ordering process at SeaWorld is wholly wanting. The administration of the park should consider a more elaborate process that is more straightforward and not capable of hidden costs. With the current process, it is possible for cunning and selfish employees to subject clients to unnecessary expenses, a process that can is avoidable.

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