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Schizophrenia is a debilitating psychiatric illness characterized by the patient’s failure to recognize reality. The person has abnormal social behavior. A Beautiful Mind is one of the best films about the ramifications of mental illness. The film’s protagonist, John Nash, has schizophrenia. His character embodies the disorder’s worries. He is portrayed in the film as a normal person who interacts with many people who are not real. Knowing the extent of the condition, where the patient is completely lost without his knowledge, was disturbing (Jones, 2003). There are some characters who are quite visible to Nash. But, in reality they are not present. However, the level of interaction of between Nash and the characters is well illustrated in the film.

Schizophrenia, associated with poor social and emotional expression, consistent delusions, and reduced motivation etc. is quite beautifully depicted in the movie. The movie is well equipped with the nitty-gritties of the disorder. Nash’s acting as schizophrenic patient is worth commendation.

At the end of the movie John Nash’s wife offers him incredible support and due to which he was able to accomplish international recognition. He was even able to ignore the characters which he used to see continuously, the delusions. This gives me a clue that such patients can be approached with humbleness (Kane, 2010). They need to be encouraged to take themselves seriously regarding their disorder. It is very difficult but not impossible. The movie illustrated the continuous struggle of Nash’s wife and even by Nash himself in order to behave normally. Nash’s wife was depicted as an encouraging force for her husband.

John Nash’s case is well established a person who suffers from schizophrenia that makes his life very distressing and dejected (Carson, 2000). The patients’ are unable to understand their surroundings completely. The delusions divert their normalcy of life and are at the verge of hurting themselves.

John Nash’s case of schizophrenia is very severe. As depicted by the film, he was always busy with many delusions including his secret service job and other delusional characters including his friend and his daughter. By watching the movie I got quite good insights towards schizophrenia along with its associated consequences and dangers.

Diagnosing a person with schizophrenia would be very disheartening. The patient himself and his family would be shocked because this disorder needs continuous care and patience (Kneisl, Trigoboff, 2009). The movie, A beautiful mind, is one best illustration of schizophrenia. It offers its better understanding.


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