Sartre’s analysis

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A number of concepts of the self-other relationship are explored in Sartre’s stories from Bad Faith and The Look. As a result, the authors provide numerous examples that clearly demonstrate the forces that drive the other and self. This establishes a fundamental link that establishes the foundations of the theory and indicates the relationships in the other. Despite the existence of classical theories, the analysis of their application in projects and the world is extensive (Sartre, 2012). The purpose of this essay is to look at the relationships, differences, and roles that exist between self and other. The essay will also look at how the other affects our projects and the world at large. The close analysis of The Look reveals that self and other have a peculiar yet close relationship. The relationship is exhibited in a number of ways basing on the fact that, other is considered as an object and self as an object. In this regard, the other is based on the perceptions of an individual which further translates to the self. For instance, as the author considers a passing man as he sees through his window as an object. Therefore, it’s this object-ness that defines other and not the self. Also, distance and parts are used to clearly show the relation between other and self. This is shown by the author as he says, this relation without distance and without parts is no way that original relation of the other (Sartre, 2012). This means that other and self cannot ne described explicitly without distance and parts which are mostly defined as probable. In this view, the other can be categorized in virtue of time, space, parts, and distance. For example, the man is 20 yards away from me, is distance relation from self. The other conclusively means the object from the world and not the self from the world.

On the other hand, Bad Faith gives a description on the relation of other and self based on the uniqueness of human beings. The ability of the human being to take negative attitudes with respect to self is a clear relation between self and other. As such, consciousness is being whose conscious of nothingness dominates human beings. The possibility that self sees in other is considered as a Not by the author. Therefore, self is built on possibility of occurrence and essence of the other. This is considered to make the social reality of most men as they try to make the Not as part of their very subjectivity. Also, the attitude of an individual defines their perspective of human reality. In this view, a distorted attitude spoils the relation between self and the other. For instance instead of a person turning the consciousness negation outward, they instead turn it towards itself. The attitude portrayed is termed as Bad Faith, and as a result its gives a negative aspect of the relation between other and self.

The ideas of Bad Faith and other also deepens our understanding of the relation in a number of ways. Firstly, it gives a vivid explanation of how the attitude of a person can be grouped into negations that are positive or negatives. In this regard, a person or self determines how they view the other. In addition to that, the relation explores the power of the consciousness as a driving force of determining the level in which self and other get satisfied with the information fed to them from the world. This also defines the objectivity of the self and the other within the power of their distance and parts (Sartre, 2012).

However, there sexists differences between the other and another which are portrayed by a number of elements and aspects. The other is defined by distance and parts which are used to indicate the essence of spatial analysis. Falsehood is depicted in the nature of other to a greater extent than the another which stems from uninformed perspective. This is illustrated by the authors as they say, the other utilizes its own profit the ontological duality of myself and myself in the eyes of the other, which has a structure in the eyes of falsehood (Sartre, 2012). This indicates that, the other and the another are very distinct from each other based on the roles and the impact they have on the projects and world.

Others play a vital role in our projects and the world at large in a number of ways. In this view, others help us focus on our projects by giving insight, assessment, and correction. This is by giving varied attitudes and tastes which are consistent with our consciousness and dreams in our world. Additionally, others ensure they give an input in making the world a complete place. Owing to vast potential bestowed among them, they unleash it to the projects and a number of aspects in the world. However, the other also has several impacts that is felt in our projects and the world. This is through being judgmental in way projects are made, and therefore they shape the nature and attitude we hold towards the progress of the project (Sartre, 2012).


Sartre, J. P. (2012). Being and nothingness. Open Road Media.

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