Sanctuary Cities

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Sanctuary towns are important as they provide immigrants with refuge. These cities have housing, medical services, and food options. These cities also provide migrants with bail and legal aid. However, because immigrants who have a criminal record can be let into the country, these cities can be dangerous. Juan Francisco Lopez, for instance, an immigrant, shot and killed Kate Winslet, a 32-year-old woman. Secondly, these cities could be subject to federal punishment, and, specifically, when the federal authorities are not in good conditions with these cities, the government may withhold funds. Presumably, the primary responsibility of a city is to provide security to its citizens and ensure that its people stay safe always. Presumably, these cities that are operated by sanctuary policies should cooperate with federal authorities under terms that do not harass any of the sides especially immigrants. Considerably, immigration is a federal responsibility, therefore, these sanctuary cities should cooperate. However, if the federal government breaches any of the terms then they have the right to withdraw from the agreement. An instance that involved a situation like this is when President Trump withdrew funding to Chicago. Predominantly, Chicago went on to sue President Trumps’ action. The judge who handled the case gave a country-wide injunction on the presidents’ withholding until the case is settled. This shows the importance of funding to these sanctuary cities and by no means should the federal government withdraw funding to sanctuary cities unless the law agrees to it.

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