same sex marriage social obstacles

Same-sex marriage remains a highly contentious problem in many jurisdictions where it has not yet been approved. Despite the twentieth-century surgery’s surprise, numerous countries around the world continue to legalize same-sex partnerships. In several parts of the world, the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) population continues to enjoy this acknowledgment (Gerstmann, 2017 p.17). Just four states in the United States continue to grant same-sex marriage licenses, making it a common occurrence. The developed and civilized nations are determined to continue legalizing same-sex marriages, whereas the heterosexual community has decreased its opposition on the issue and embraced it as the ne normal (Gerstmann, 2017 p.17). though legalized, there will always be issues and challenges that the society will never approve of them. This paper shines light issues that might not be mutually agreed on by a heterosexual community on same-sex marriages.

To begin with, child adoption is a controversial issue as well when it comes to same-sex marriage parenting. Many people do not approve child adoption by foster parents of the same sex, due to fear of influence to join the same lifestyle as well as concern over the safety of the children in the hands of same-sex couples Gerstmann, 2017 p.19). For example, a gay family may not be allowed according to social status to adopt a girl into the family. Although they are gay, the girl can pose a sexual temptation to the individual. There being no blood relationship between the two, the society fears that the girl child could be used as a sexual partner of a wife. In addition to that, it is logical that the same-sex family may not be as good at taking care of the baby as a heterosexual family Gerstmann, 2017 p.17). For example, if a gay couple adopts a girl child, there are issues that will be difficult to manage thereby degrading the value of care the child gets. Although homosexual people are known to be hygienic and orderly, the society may have a different perception concerning general hygiene and quality of care of the child Gerstmann, 2017 p.15). This issue is an obstacle in normal operations of the same-sex couple, which will always pose an obstacle.

In addition to that, the division of gender roles will always be an issue in the management of the same-sex marriage. Any family requires the roles of a husband as well as those of a wife to be played effectively for proper family functioning (Richards, Jonathan, and Kim, 2015, p.9). There are roles such as cleaning, laundry, childcare and feeding the family, which have been traditionally labeled the duties of a wife. Gay couples mainly refer to each other as “my husband, whereas lesbian couples refer to each other as “my wife”. The society will always have an issue with the roles of a man in a lesbian relationship and vice versa (Richards, Jonathan, and Kim, 2015, p.9). Apparently, many children brought up with either parent tent to become in disciplined, criminal or somehow lacking, thereby becoming a liability in the community. Adoption of a child into the same-sex marriage means that he or she will miss a parent, which is a significant risk factor in their lives. The society considers children brought up by a single parent as an unfortunate event. This issue will become escalated and significant when one or a few families mess up with their adopted children, causing an uproar in the community (Richardson 2012 p.213). Due to this, there will always be difficulties in child adoption and rearing by same-sex married couples in any community

Apart from those, same-sex marriages will always be faced with sexual discrimination, stigmatization, and association with certain lifestyles, which are not appreciated by the society (Richardson 2012 p.223). For example, when HIV/AIDS started, it was associated with gay people. The same case applies to may sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to that, it is believed that there is a lot of gay relationships that happen in prisons, hence the heterosexual society has negative affiliations with same-sex marriages. All these issues are considered before adoption. This will hence cause obstacles in the way of child adoption. Besides, that such affiliations will tend to scare heterosexual people away, considering that children caught in between this conflict can end up being hurt emotionally and psychologically (Richardson 2012 p.215). Children belonging to gay parents in the society today face a lot of ridicule from their peers because of having two mothers or two dads. This can cause them psychological effects later in life, such as their parenting life in adulthood.

Although governments are rapidly learning to respect and legalizing same-sex marriages in the community, there is an ever-present over a loss of value in family values and the traditional perception (Webb, Chonody, and Kavanagh, 2017 p.440). Although the LGBT community is welcome to share, interact and enjoy life alongside other heterosexual relationships, everyone in the society is concerned about a day when the world will be filled with same-sex marriages, hence there will be a booming business in in-vitro fertilization and surrogacy for the gay couples. This is a constant concern with the community. Many people in the society will, therefore, have a hidden displeasure towards them and their alleged “disobedience in heeding to the will of God” (Webb, Chonody, and Kavanagh, 2017 p.442). No harm will happen to them as they will be protected by the law. However, they will never experience the same warmness extended by heterosexual people to other straight couples (Webb, Chonody, and Kavanagh, 2017 p.443). This is a negative event, which might never come to a complete resolution, as the union of the same-sex couple can be interpreted as a contradiction to nature. Although the society may not spell it out, this prejudice will be there.

Conclusively, same-sex marriages continue to gain legalization among many countries and nation-states, making them a normalcy of the twenty-first century. Many communities around the globe have embraced the lifestyle and respect it as a cultural diversity and a strength. The LGBT communities established continue to live in peace with the heterosexuals without any visible conflict or uneasiness whatsoever. However, despite this peace, it is socially correct to say that there will never be a sincere, united and cooperative relationship between these two sexualities due to various concerns. Child adoption, upbringing and nurturing with discipline and traditional values in family and relationships will always be a controversy. Secondly, gender roles will never be solved as this issue cannot be determined by a court of law of a parliamentary action. This will always pose issues in the process of adoption. Lastly, the society will never stop stigmatizing the LGBT community over various negative issues in the society, such as the occurrence of HIV, incarceration, and disobedience to nature. However, with each rising day, the world makes more steps towards embracing and comfortable living with the same-sex couples, which is a positive growth.


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