Romantic” to “Real”

In John Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn, one of the most memorable lines is “tease us out of thought” (line 44). This quote is important in the poem because it portrays the urn as a place of comfort as well as pleasure. The urn is also described as “a friend to man in the midst of other woes” (lines 47-48). In his opinion, the poet has been successful in launching a successful case on art. His wish is for many of the poem’s readers to be better able to appreciate art, as well as other forms of creativity. The persona in the poem is attempting in three occasions to engage with the different scenes that are carved into the urn. In the initial stanza, he is taking an in-depth examination of the various pictures of the mad pursuit as well as the wondering of the actual stories that exist behind the pictures.

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