Role of Government in Europe and Asia

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The processes that shaped the creation of feudal countries in Europe are defined in this brief passage. The use of humorous vocabulary by the author was quite impressive when making a contrast between Asia and Europe. In the novel, the author implicitly referenced the Asian government’s inability to take the opportunity to economically expand long ago, but they had the money they wanted. In the other hand, European nations have been depicted as opportunists who have taken advantage of the opportunities available to support themselves politically in Asia and across the world. I heard from the article that after a long time of little change, the people of Europe took the opportunity to take this opportunity. They have spread all over the world expanding Christianity. Therefore, this period is quite remarkable as it influenced not only worldwide colonies organization but additionally the emergence of Christianity as a world religion at that time.
This article talks about several critical periods that took place in the American history. First, the author discusses the source of American cash crop which was the South. The author then explains that the first cash crop to be adopted was tobacco in 1600s. Tobacco cultivation swept the whole country, which in turn harmed the economy, as there was a constant risk of collapse in case of a crop failure. The country’s economy, therefore, needed to be diversified, so the government had to come up with ways of reducing the reliance on tobacco as the only cash crop. Overreliance on tobacco as the only cash crop meant that the country’s economy could be vulnerable in case the only source of livelihood for the citizens was destroyed for instance by pests. The author gave a chronological flow of events from one period to the other in manner that kept the entire article interesting. This article was also quite educative because it emphasized the importance of diversifying the economy. It also brought a good example of what can happen if the country forgets about the consequences of wrong actions and returns to the old practice, as it happened to the South in the 1860s. Diversity will limit the economic shock that arises in situations where one economic activity is disrupted.
Louisiana Purchase
This paragraph is of interest to me because it highlights the important event of Louisiana accession to the United States. The author explains that 1806 was simply a comedy error putting in mind the kind of negotiation deals that were taking place between the different rivaling nations in the world. The article narrated that Mississippi was occupied by the French, so America had to enter into some agreements to get it back. At this period competition among different countries was so stiff. Therefore, as the deal of Mississippi territories purchasing was not fully agreed with the US government, this decision was a lucky chance that was not missed by the US representatives. Together with that, their initiative helped to explore previously unknown parts of the territory; that further helped the country in marking borders with Mexico. This chapter brings quite remarkable facts about the US geographical and political growth. America remains to be a rich country with a rich history and learning from the past can help us formulate some future decisions, as well as avoid some of the poor steps we took in the past.

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