Rights of Women and Men

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The article through Peter Clark titled “Why Are Women Traditionally The Ones Who Cook and Men Traditionally The Ones Who Work?” is an anti-feminist approach to the subject of moving gender roles. The article focuses on the reason why men are inclined to be guide laborers and the reason why they are fond of going to the health club to make up for the lack of manual labor. The author additionally maintains that women are extra suited to engage in social and emotional problems such as taking care of the family and which warrants why they are often observed in the kitchen. The other biological problems that the author points out is the reality that people are attracted to the opposite sex so that a man will find a heavily built woman unattractive because it would portend that they engage in manly activities. Similarly, the author debates on why women would also not find a lean and short man attractive because they think that the man is not physically strong enough and would thus not befit his manly duties in the homestead. In covering these issues, the author fails to realize that he is taking a biological determinism standpoint that tends to assume that women and men are wired to behave in a particular manner when conceptually this is not true because people tend to be autonomous.

One of the principles that can be used to oppose the author’s stand is the fact that the brain is in control of variability. The competitive success and the evolutionary fitness factors are all dependent on the ambulatory organism, and they are dependent on the intact behavioral variability as it more of an adaptive function (Brembs934). Biological and philosophers have since agreed that there is importance in having unpredictable behavior and serving the scientific account in the form of free will. There are many studies that have been done on varied animals to prove that this is possible including one in which a stationary flying fly was trained to avoid the generational left-turning maneuvers. The fly would be heated whenever it made the action and not heating it when it made the turns. The result was that the fly had changed its behavior and through training, it ended up reducing the variability in the process of turning (Brembs 934). It is plausible to think of how this can be perceived positively in the domestic setting because it will mean that a man can come home in the evening and despite the fact that they are tired, they can as well prepare the family meals because it’s all in the mind. The justification for this idea is based on the fact that animals tend to learn preferentially from their environment and will reduce their variability when there is a plausible reason to warrant the change of behavior. Similarly, when a woman thinks that getting to the kitchen will make the marriage more exciting, that is enough reason to defy the determinism odds that insist on gender roles.

The idea of freedom of choice has also been demonstrated biologically to justify that determinism is a notion that is preconditioned and that denies humans autonomy. The neurological ways of describing decision-making assert that it is perceived on a similar note to mutation and selection that are described in evolution. The biological process that explains free will thus focus on the being a creative and spontaneous process that is defined through participating in a determined process. Hence, the idea of people engaging in freedom is the result of such a mindset because people automatic develop the desire to generate alternative possibilities (Brembs 936). The argument can thus be used to describe the phenomenon where some women tend to desire to have a masculine body as they think it will make them attractive to other people. While it would not necessarily mean the attraction to the opposite sex as the author describes in the article, the case can be contextualized as a general attraction even by the same sex. It could thus denote that bodybuilding in women is the result of autonomy where women are finding it more appropriate to engage in activities that are more fun and spontaneous. It thus follows that consistent to the ideas of human autonomy, it can be assumed that the need to get involved in bodybuilding is meant to spice up the sexual life of those who are attracted to the opposite sex. The principles of determinism fail to acknowledge that other motivating factors to the way a woman behaves are inspired by the fact that some women are actually attracted to women, and they are not wired as they might think. The will is often more about the reasons and desires that people have based on one’s character, and it is not predetermined. When someone desires to look attractive to the female lesbian population, they are driven primarily by their preferences rather than by a predetermined element.

The last way of describing the place of women who prefer odd activities is by arguing their behavior in the context of the self and agency. Natural, organisms are inclined to generate action spontaneously as supported by the model in Chemistry that affirms that spontaneous reaction are a result of chemical imbalance. It is always intended for ensuring that there is thermodynamic equilibrium. It thus follows that the author makes the mistake of stating that women should cook and men should go to work because it does not factor the likelihood of an imbalance. When there is a lack of balance so that a man is confined to a wheelchair and can no longer engage in manual labor, it is appropriate that gender roles are reversed to ensure there is a balance at home. It will mean that the men will have to do the domestic chores as the woman engages in other income-generating activities now that the man is incapacitated. Such are the reasons to advocate for the reversal of genders roles and unlike that Clerk believes there should be a mechanism in place to cater for agency and urgency as in the case where a male breadwinner is rendered immobile and unable to perform their primary role.

In summary, it is worth underscoring that the concept of determinism by Clark as described in the article fails to acknowledge the basic principle of natural selection, autonomy, and choice. The author believes that women are preconditioned to perform domestic chores while men should be more masculine and engage in income-generating activities. The argument is false on grounds that many women are finding it appropriate to attract other women hence their desire to engage in bodybuilding as it is their choice. Autonomy is also perceived in the manner a man may salvage his marriage by getting to perform his wife’s supposed duty. Lastly, based on the principle of action in times of urgency, it is justified for gender roles reversal when there is an urgency and a critical need.

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