Right to Own a Gun

The question of civilian gun ownership in the United States has sparked several debates over the years. There are those who argue that people should be allowed to own weapons, and those who argue that citizens should not be allowed to own guns. Both pro and anti-gun ownership claims are based on different factors that individuals feel are legitimate. Gun ownership is something that is not new to the American society as it has been there over the years since the days of the founding fathers who enshrined it within the Constitution as a right of the American people. Therefore, gun ownerships is a right that citizens should be allowed to enjoy due to various advantages that it has to the owner.
The first argument in favor of gun ownership by the civilians is that it enhances the security of women in the American society. Women are sometimes at a higher risk of facing various threats that are found within the American society. Some of the threat that women face include rape and robbery due to the societal view that they are weak. Women with guns are in a position to intimidate any individual who is trying to rob or rape them which ensures that there is the enhancement of women security significantly. Also, women owning guns can protect themselves in situations that there are no security officers. For instance, Robbers tend to break into homes that are owned by women, and in such circumstances, any woman who has a gun can scare away the thief or even shot at the robber in self-defense. About 20% of women in the United States are victims of homicide related cases (Fox and Monica 126).
The second importance of allowing civilians to own guns in the United States is that citizens with guns often act as a crime deterrent. Crime is a constant aspect of the American society, and in some of the cases, it is difficult for the government to offer adequate security to its citizens. Hence, an individual who is carrying a gun in case they run into a situation where another person is being robbed then they can be able to scare away the criminal. Hence, gun owning citizens are acting as a form of crime deterrence and control. Also, robbers often think twice when it comes to robbing stores whereby the owner has a gun, and this is because they are scared of being shot at or killed during the robbery process. (Fox and Monica 133).
The third aspect of gun owning being a right is because there are proper legislations that have been put in place to ensure that individuals who own guns are duly monitored and well trained on firearm use top ensure that they do not engage in various acts of crime. There are background checks that are done by the government agencies to make sure that only people who have qualified for gun training and managements are given the weapons. In such cases, there is the prevention of criminal’s form being issued with guns as well as individuals who are not stable psychologically hence eliminating any chances of unqualified people being issued with guns. Therefore, it is the role of the government to ensure that guns do not land in the hands of the wrong people but rather in the hands of civilians who are law abiding and who deserve the right to have a gun for defense should the need arise (McGinty Daniel and Colleen 54).
Lastly, the right to have a gun as a civilian of the United States is entrenched in the Constitution. The second amendment indicates that the people have the right to own a gun to defend themselves. The Constitution is the supreme law of the country that dictates how things are to run in the country. If the constitution has indicated that citizens have the right to own guns, then they have such right, and then they are denied then it means that the Constitution is being undermined. The founding fathers of the country knew very well the reasons as to why they allowed for people to have guns and if the idea was right, then it means that it is something that serves well within the society. It is upon the government of the United States to ensure that the provisions of the Constitution are implemented fully, and thus the right of the people to own guns within the country is a guarantee that should be made possible by the Federal and state governments (Bloemraad, Fabiana and Kim 1663).
The analysis that has been covered in the essays has indicated the various reasons that make gun ownership in the United States to be a right. The arguments are valid, and thus there is the need for civilians in the U.S to be allowed to own guns.
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