Response on Goffman Footing

In his chapter “Footing,” Goffman makes the case that linguistics can pinpoint the signals and markers that allow footings to emerge or the alignment of speakers to one another and to themselves as shown by the way they control utterances. In an effort to comprehend how speakers tend to set roles in the execution of duties, the author further argues against studying footing at the level of either the speaker or receiver. Instead, he calls for a disconnection between the participation framework and the production format.
The president insults a reporter in the media. The incident is related to the present US president; Donald Trump has been highly criticized since he came to the limelight mainly because of his tendency to make lewd comments on women. The incident shows how power can be used to force people especially women from their professional capacity into a domestic or sexual one.


It seems Goffman has briefly analyzed the definition of a talk. The author defines talk as the bounded stretch of interaction between people but does not elaborate on what constitutes the bound. The definition introduces some ambiguity and thus meaning is open to multiple interpretations. What could he have said instead?

Works Cited

Goffman, Erving. Forms of Talk. 1st ed. 1981. Print.

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