Response Journal on Technology and Student’s Focus in Class

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I vividly recall the quote, “We want technology in every classroom and in each student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we ride much of our world.” The quote is geared towards classroom science and the student’s focus class which is a vital component in effective teaching and learning. The 21st Century newcomers are much a head in the technological edge, this demands for 21st century competencies upgrade by the teachers. Therefore, it is inevitable for teachers to are looking for for nuggets that will help them go an extra mile in analyzing the demands of the rise in technology.

This reminded me of the reason why most students would dose in class when a specific teacher teaches. I kept wondering and asked myself, why were the students sleeping or playing games on their phones instead of concentrating in class? After a period time I realized that the students slept and were easily distracted because they were bored with the method of instruction most teachers used. The students got excited one day when a lecturer walked in with a projector and taught a lesson with a myriad animations, diagrams in 3-D and speakers. The lesson was lively and no student slept or played games on their phones since they were alert. From this scenario, the two methods of instruction have a wide gap between them and the student’s focus in class. Integrating technology in classroom instruction is has a myriad impact on the learners concentration and consequently understanding of abstract concepts.

I plan to fully ensure ICT is integrated in the classroom setting. All students and teachers should undergo ICT compliant training. In my classroom I will ensure accessibility and availability of digital learning resources like camera, projectors, animations, laptops, iPhones, electronic tables for data plotting, online class discussions and conferencing, and internet. The technology is used in most developed countries across the globe to enhance learner-content-teacher relationship (Chukwunonso et al. 9). Teaching is boring without integrating the technological aspect, this is the cause of class boredom as my colleagues always claim. However, to staying focused in class is a challenge that should be addressed for learners to achieve the national goals of education. It is not only technology that improves learning, but the ability of students to stay focused and free from distractions.

CASE I: The teacher and students are connected by a link called technology

Student Teacher


Technology brings the teacher and the student closer and yields good results in Teaching-Learning setting.

CASE II: Absence of technology in class, students are not connected to the teachers. Therefore, distraction comes between the teacher and the learners.

Students Teacher

Distraction/ Lack of concentration

Learners are mostly distracted when teacher teaches without integrating technology in class. This yields poor results as teaching and learning of abstract concepts is hampered.

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