Representing religion through artwork

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A number of female Jewish artists who reside in the United States have displayed their origin through the various forms of art they practice. Some have chosen to express different ideas in their artwork. A sizeable amount of female American Jewish artists do not have deep understanding of the Torah and has caused them involvements in ethnic issues. Artists like Bruria Finkel and Ruth Weisberg are examples of Jewish women artists that do express their Jewish identity through their art, with their extensive knowledge in the teachings Torah.
A lot of the Jewish female artists in the United States are engaged themselves in ethnic issues, since they lack the full understanding of the Torah and fluency in the Hebrew language, hence lack the capability to engage in traditional Jewish study. Due to the knowledge of the Torah and fluency of the Hebrew language, the artists included in this article have focused profoundly on Jewish texts. For the artists presented in this article, Judaism roots can be seen in their work as they have resisted the pressure to assimilate.
While the five artists have much in common in their expression of the Jewish identity, there are some discrepancies in the way their Jewish identity has influenced their lives. Nylon, Finkel and Yelin Hirsch acquired their Hebrew education early in life and continued into adulthood. Weisberg and Amato, however, were not born in religious backgrounds, but sought Jewish education as adults. In all their work, the constant questioning of the patriarchal texts is present. They are considered as a source of the liberation of other feminist artists as they have questioned the religious teachings without fear of excommunication or ostracism.

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