Replies and Reasoning of the Debatable Statements

Part I: Replies and Reasoning of the Debatable Statements
To some extent
On the contrary
Because …
Above all if …
Although …
However …
The state—and not the children—should take care of the old.
On the contrary
Since it is a moral obligation to care for the elderly, and there are several advantages, such as the development of positive relationships with grandparents.
To some extent
That a satisfying, fruitful, and happy marriage is meant to be a lifelong commitment in which the couple understands, loves, and cares about one another.
Everybody is basically selfish.
Although we do good things to other people, we expect something in return. We might not express our feelings or thoughts, but we expect something in our inner world.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Above all, if you are determined and focused enough, you can come up with the means to accomplish the desired goals despite the challenges.

Married people lead a happier life than those who aren’t.

To some extent

Because for many individuals happiness is determined by various factors which include job security, education, social life, sexual pleasure, financial condition as well as family. Research studies indicate that married people are always on top in many of these areas of happiness. Besides that, across ethnic groups and nations, people show greater happiness from marriage than money, community, and career. Also, psychologists have reported marriage as the primary reliable indicator of happiness.

The more people get paid, the harder they work.


Because the value of a job is not determined by how hard it is, but it is determined by the market value of the final output.

Beer is healthier than wine.


Because when it comes to the matter of health benefits, wine is the best medicine than a bear. For instance, when red wine is taken with a meal, it provides more cardiovascular advantages than beer.

Machismo is worldwide.


Because many men in the world believe that they are powerful than women. Women’s professionalism, confidence, and competence make many men around the globe to feel insecure and inferior.

Part II: The More People Get Paid, The Harder They Work

The first paragraph should provide a brief background of the labor market environment and outline factors that influence or determine wages or salaries. At the end of the first paragraph, a clear and precise thesis statement should be drafted. In this case, the thesis statement is supposed to be “the value of a job is not ascertained by how hard it is, but it is determined by the market value of the final output.”

The second paragraph should explain how factors outlined in the introduction part determine wages and salaries as opposed to hard work, for instance, supply and demand and labor union. Also, give examples to support your argument. In text-citations need.

The third paragraph should also expound on other factors that influence wages and salaries

The number of supportive paragraphs would be determined by the number of factors that affect wages

The supportive paragraphs should affirm the thesis statement

The last paragraph should be a conclusion that highlight and demonstrate how the thesis statement is backed up by the outlined points.

Provide references

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