Relationship between USA and Middle East When USA Produce Its Own Oil

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Energy sources such as oil, natural gas, and petroleum have been a significant source of conflict in the twenty-first century. The United States of America has recently made huge discoveries of natural gas and petroleum reserves. The United States’ increased oil output is likely to have a variety of consequences for its relationship with the Middle East.
Given that oil is a global commodity, increased oil production in the United States would have a significant impact on global oil prices. However, the United States of America may withdraw its interest and security in the Middle East because the country can now supply enough energy through domestic production. As a result, policies like the fixation policy in the Middle East may have to change or be done away with altogether.

The country is dependent on other countries in the Middle East for energy and other commodities as well. For this reason, domestic oil production will not be sufficient to liberate the country from events in the Middle East. However, the ability to process own energy will make the U.S.A less vulnerability to the Middle East. Instead, it will gain a stronger negotiating power.

However, the leaders in the Middle East are bound to react furiously towards the USA because they believe that the USA will change its relationship with them. For instance, the USA will withdraw its security for sea lanes or withdraw its presence from the Middle East region. The fear of these consequences would drive the Middle East leaders to take action that has a geo-political impact on the USA.

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