Reflection of the Positve Influence of Christianity in me

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Some of the things we face daily seems to have a compound effect on the direction of our lives and these have different effects on us. Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to know about the educational material and this enthusiasm did not wane even after I went to high school. I choose to believe that this is what spurred my desire to join the teaching profession, and my past has also done well to make me a good teacher and have a positive christian influence.
Personal Statement
I was born on the 16th of July, 1993, in Pennsylvania in somewhere known as Willow Grove; a suburb in Philadelphia located in the northeastern part of the city. My family constituted of my two parents, two sisters and me. Being the last born, the age difference between my siblings and me was close to fifteen years. Growing up under the influence of a Christian home, my schedule was littered around with church-related activities, such as regular service attendance and participation in youth groups; this probably was why I got saved at the age of five. While in middle school, my parents got involved in a divorce dispute which at the moment was detrimental to my psychological well-being. This led to my mother and I shifting our residence frequently throughout middle school and also into my high school years. Through it all, God showed that he loved me.

I took on DJ-ing and music production to further develop my passion for music which led me to entertain guests in several gatherings.

I attribute all learning to God’s gifting, and that growth is as a result of His blessings. I have also gained that being patient and adhering to self-discipline is paramount to the acquisition and retention of knowledge. As a peer influence in the educational sector, I associate myself with utmost integrity and openness in my dealings and my character.

My current primary objective is to finalize my degree course in Elementary and Teacher Licensure at Liberty University. After this, I intend to apply for a teaching position in my hometown. My lifelong mission is to be of service to God regardless of which career path I choose to pursue, with my end being glorifying God.


The events of my life growing up have tailored me into what I am today these include: work attachments, volunteer work and last but not least, my sisters having children. McDonald’s, my first employer, engaged me for four years; this then helped me acquire professional people skills. In my high school, I got involved in the school soccer team which installed self-restraint. Additionally, in that period, I was assigned duties by the school, to be in charge of student class affairs. I also got to travel with the volunteer team that I was involved with, as a Christian missionary, this mainly because my mother was employed in an airline company. This was essential in helping me learn the value of service to humans.

For successful teaching, I attribute teaching with two concepts that are style, preparedness, and organization. I hold dear to the belief that every student is unique in their way of learning based on the instructions they are being given either through audio, visual and even discussions. I firmly believe that getting ready for pending work is a secret to successful teaching and this entails proper record keeping and follow up on the progress of the students as well as managing time well.


Despite all the uncertainties of where God is taking me, I have a real conviction that I will go and pursue whatever my calling might be.

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