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The uncontrolled disclosure of non-public information online poses more than one threats to a person. Identity theft and other criminal acts have been propagated thru social media. Many cases of rape, as well as torture, have been suggested following interaction of the victims with the criminals online. At times, disclosing someone’s vicinity may attract robbers, specifically when the photos or posts allude to opulence. Whenever I post online, whether, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat, I have a tendency to evaluate the kind of records that gets online. Specifically, I avoid posting my particular location or possessions that may entice persons will ill-intent. However, there is a challenge of controlling human beings from retweeting or sharing one’s posts on Twitter and Facebook respectively. Such complicates the process of protecting disclosure.
From a personal viewpoint, I believe I always take the right steps towards protecting my privacy and security when disclosing information online. However, a number of strategies may be helpful in protecting personal data online. It is critical to explore one’s privacy settings to ensure that whatever one posts online does not get into the wrong hands. Another strategy, which I believe can enhance privacy and security online is following or friending only persons known to one. Further, one should avoid opening every link posted online. Some links may be carriers of malware aimed at accessing and obtaining private information from mobile phones and personal computers. By avoiding such links and applications, one can be sure of keeping away from persons of malicious intent. Lastly, I believe that not every information or events in a person’s life should reach the social media platforms. Oversharing information on social media is not desirable.

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