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Real estate is one of the many companies which are a major supporter of the economic growth of many universe countries and housekeeping is one of the many organizations in the real estate chain. In actual reality, a land operator (flipper) who is involved in the resale of households can become a mogul overnight by dealing only with one home.
House flipping is tied in with obtaining a property that is set up for an offer, revamping the property and afterward exchange the property with the sole point of making a profit. House flippers offer the home at a value that will cover both each of the costs brought about and give enough benefit to reward the time put into the arrangement. The benefit could be enormous or smack; everything relies on the how high you can makeover the property and furthermore the area of the property.Table of Contents


Introduction/Problem Statement3

Financial Analysis3

Decision and Criteria4


Recommendations 5

Appendix A: Title of Appendix A.7


Introduction/Problem Statement

Smart Houses.Org is a property improvement organization that wants primary in the flipping of houses (Williams, 7). Staring the house flipping business aims at working with the United States of America’s (U.S.A) government to convey modest homes and properties to all social classes of individuals. House flipping business requires an enormous capital base. Hence an investor needs to set culminate plans for a consistent stream of money from private financial specialists. When the investor has these certain funding sources, they can unquestionably say that they have a robust budgetary standing and are prepared to accept on any open door that comes their way in the housing business (Boardman, 15). To make clients the priority in the market, the investor needs to make sure the industry winds up as the most prominent house flipping organization. The company also needs to consummate plans to secure profoundly sellable properties that can positively rival with the best in the business at a moderate and sensible value that will ensure great benefit are still achieved.

Financial Analysis

The main thing to comprehend about flipping a house is the costs included. It is not merely an issue of purchasing a house and offering it for a benefit. The home has first to have the capacity to be renovated. If the investor does not have enough funds, they can borrow. There are various approaches to fund your home flip as listed below.

1 Private Cash Loan specialists

In the first place, individual financial specialists loan the investor cash to purchase the house to be flipped and pay for any extra costs (Williams, 32). The private speculator loans the investor cash since house flipping offers large degrees of profitability that is steady. If invested correctly, it can produce a return on capital invested of 8-12% and in a brief timeframe. Naturally, when the arrangement goes through, the investor should pay back the private speculator.

2 Regular Bank Advance

Another funding alternative is a regular bank advance. This funding method allows the bank to pay for the property, and the investor pays the home loan installments until when the house is fully refurbished and sold (Williams, 45). Subsequently, the investor should give around a 20- 30 % initial installment of the price tag on the house they mean to flip. Before the loan is approved, the financial institution carries out several background checks to verify the investor’s credibility to repay the loan. The bank offers a variety of loans for the flipper. One the bank provides traditional loans where after accepting the terms and conditions, the entire loan risk is retained by the borrower. Banks prefer issuing the traditional credit because if the borrower defaults then thy bear the entire risk meaning the bank has nothing to lose. Another type of loan offered is the government-backed flipping loans (Williams, 45).

3 Crowdfunding on Real Estate Sites

Another cutting-edge financing choice is the utilization of crowdfunding on real estate sites. Over the recent years, crowdfunding has turned into a well-known approach to back a wide range of undertakings with house flipping being one of the projects (Williams, 61). Statistics show that in 2016, 2.5 billion dollars was raised in U.S.A through crowdfunding. Besides, in 2015, U.S.A was the biggest developing section of the crowdfunding market. Crowdfunding has a comparatively low price of entry making them better options for investors

4 Hard Money Creditors

Hard money creditors are private lenders with their money resources or a pool of other people’s cash. In turn, they lend this money to others, such as real estate entrepreneurs to earn money on the interest (Loefflifer and Szabo, 37). This source of funding is convenient because it is far easier to be suitable for the loan compared to the traditional bank loans. More so, the loan terms are negotiable.

Decision and Criteria

When selecting a funding option, the investor has to look at all the alternative available and if they qualify. Then the investor has to list the options that are most convenient for them. Then start ruling one each until they remain with the best option. In all cases the following steps are followed before getting a loan Firstly, before applying for the loan, ensure that your credit history is clean. Lenders do not take chances with their cash. Therefore, they will only offer funds to investors who are credit trustworthy. More so, guarantee that every one of your required documents is all together before moving toward the lender for an advance. Get your assets, property and wage confirmed and be prepared to pay private home loan protection or make an up-front installment of no less than 20 percent of the estimated cost of the house. When you have acquainted yourself with contract necessities, you should begin reaching a few loan specialists (Esajian, 15). Don not only focus in on one since that is your bank. Look somewhere else. Finally, more documentation is particularly basic for individuals who are independently employed. Independently employed individuals are infamous for proclaiming lower levels of pay to abstain from filing taxes (Boardman, 28). Therefore, to be on the safe side as an independent employee, first ensure your financial books are in order then proceed to the bank or any lender for advancement.


This detailed report gives a summary of a step by step method of acquiring funds as a house remodeling and flipping start-up business person. It highlights the sources of funds available for seeking capital for the business as well as steps to undertake before getting the loan. The amount of money to borrow will depend on how much refurbishing the business person has to do before reselling the house (Childress, 66). It also depends on the kind of other costs that will be incurred before getting the complete mended house that the business person wants. Therefore, before going to the banks or any lender, prepare a cost sheet to indicate the amount of money that you will have to borrow.


When looking for financing for your flipping business, it is advisable to get that source of income that allows you to repay with little interest so that you can get a fair return from the company. However, the source of funding that one chooses depends on the investor’s ability to repay the loan (Childress, 85). Also be wise in selecting the house for repair so that you do not go for the extra old homes that will require much more funds to repair. Finally, if you fund your business with a loan, then be disciplined to repay it under the agreed terms to avoid severe penalties that might bring down your business.

Figure A-2

Appendix A:

Title of Appendix A

Figure A-1 indicates a refurbished house ready for sale

Figure A-2 shows a refurbished house that has already been sol.

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